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A Russian submarine near Alaska receives new orders.

Henry is leaving for a trip to Russia. He has been invited to lecture to military leaders. Elizabeth gives him a cell phone that is more secure.

Allison posts a picture of Harrison and Stevie together. Stevie asks Allison to remove it.

Elizabeth is needed in the situation room. A Russian submarine has broken away from the fleet, entered Alaskan water and vanished.

The Russian President interrupts Henry's lecture and invites Henry to go hunting.

President Ostrov tells Henry that Russia doesn't frighten easily or give up.

Henry talks to Elizabeth and acknowledges that Ostrov is using him as propaganda. Elizabeth wants him to come home but he refuses.

The Military advises moving the fleet closer to Latvia and President Dalton agrees.

Blake shows Daisy that there are internet stories about Harrison and Stevie popping up. Stevie calls Daisy.

The President gives Russia two hours to remove the submarine from US waters or they will destroy it.

Elizabeth attends the retirement party of one of her employees, Ezra. He mentions the Russian situation and offers insight. She asks him if he still works for her. He says until 5:00.

Ezra and Elizabeth discuss the Russian situation. They wonder why Ostrov isn't bragging. They speculate something has gone wrong.

Henry is with President Ostrov in a Russian Church. Ostrov prays and looks worried. Henry mentions that St. Nicolas represents compassion. Ostrov says he doesn't need a miracle.

Daisy talks to Stevie and Allison about what they can post and where. Stevie admits to Daisy that she is dating her boss and Daisy freaks out. Tells her that she needs to break-up with Arthur.

Henry updates Elizabeth. He believes that Ostrov is afraid.

The Russian sub launches a torpedo at an American ship. 

Some injuries, but no deaths on the Kirkland. The Military wants approval to engage. Elizabeth cautions them to not respond with force. To talk to them without Moscow's knowledge.

They use Morse Code to send a message to the submarine. They respond and ask for help.

Stevie is ambushed by some paparazzi. She meets with Arthur. She breaks up with Arthur and quits her job. He tells her to take a few days to think about her job.

There was a fire on the submarine. 42 crew members killed. Russia told them to not let American's board the submarine.

Russian ships are close enough now to send a missile and destroy the submarine themselves. Elizabeth has an idea. 

Henry talks to Ostrov. He agrees to call President Dalton.

Elizabeth's staff watch a story about an incident near Alaska where one of the Russian submarines malfunctioned, starting a fire that killed all crew members.

President Dalton, Jackson and Elizabeth watch as the surviving crew members rest on a US vessel. They agreed to say the members were killed to prevent Russian's embarrassment. The former crew members will stay in the U.S.

Elizabeth comforts Stevie, tells her she did the adult thing. Wants her to know that even when things get hard, it will be okay. 

Madam Secretary
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Madam Secretary Season 1 Episode 20 Quotes

I'm in no need of miracles. You may be. But not me.

President Ostrov

Daisy: Three words that can never go together in this town: "Boss", "Internship" and "Sex".