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Juliet spies on her family as they eat dinner through a webcam.

Elizabeth talks about Juliet at therapy. She feels betrayed but can't reconcile what she did to George.

The FBI approach Juliet's husband, Aiden. They question him about Juliet.

They found Juliet in Algeria. President Dalton has put her on the kill list and they plan to send in an armed drone. Elizabeth agrees.

Aiden approaches Henry and asks about Juliet. He tells them about a phone call he says Juliet made from a pay phone near their home. 

Iranian President Shiraz is signing the peace treaty in two days and they plan to stone a gay man to death in Iran at the same time. Elizabeth asks her team to see if they can postpone the stoning.

Elizabeth meets with the Algerian Ambassador. He won't approve a drone strike and insists on ground action. Elizabeth agrees.

The President and Chief of Staff Jackson are upset. Jackson accuses Elizabeth of soft-balling her approach because of Juliet.

Elizabeth admits to Henry that she doesn't want Juliet to die.

Nadine tries to get the Iranian government to postpone the stoning but they refuse. Jay meets with the Human Rights Campaign who plan to proceed with their protest.

The McCords attend Lily's birthday party. Lily tells Elizabeth she saw her Mom outside Church in a golden halo. Elizabeth tells Aiden she doesn't know anything about Juliet. 

Jay figures out a solution to the Ahmadi stoning. 

Juliet played them. She set it up to look like she was killed in a drone strike. They have an image of her at an airport. Elizabeth realizes she's in DC.

Juliet approaches a home. A man opens the door and she tells him that she has one more job for him. 

Elizabeth meets with FBI Director Hendrix to discuss the call Juliet made.

Iran rejected the prisoner swap. Elizabeth tells Jay there is nothing else they can do. He gets upset.

They track down the owner of the burner phone. It belonged to a Metro DC police officer, Brian Curtwell who is in the sniper unit. 

Curtwell sets up his sniper rifle. The Iranian motorcade approaches but suddenly turns off. The FBI arrest Curtwell. 

Juliet see on the news that the Iranian motorcade arrived safely at the White House. She leaves.

President Dalton tells Elizabeth that the Iranian Peace Treaty is their legacy. She gets in a couple of digs at the Iranian President.

Jay with his new baby joins the protest. Juliet walks to her home. They sign the peace treaty. The FBI arrest Juliet. Mahmadi is executed.

The FBI wants Elizabeth to interrogate Juliet.

Elizabeth tells her therapist that she fears that after she speaks with Juliet that she will regret the peace treaty. 

Madam Secretary
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Madam Secretary Season 1 Episode 21 Quotes

Dalton: We're talking about you participating in the execution of your friend. You're sure you're okay with that?
Elizabeth: Perfectly.

Henry: You don't want Juliet to die.
Elizabeth: Does that make me a traitor?
Henry: No. It makes you human.