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On Madam Secretary Season 2 Episode 18, Elizabeth thinks her interview with Jane Pauley is going to be on the lighter side, but she's surprised when the reporter asks about the doomsday clock. Elizabeth tells Jane she doesn't see the clock as being as doom and gloom as it seems and starts naming off the positive things which happened in the administration. After the interview, Russell convinces Elizabeth the doomsday clock is important because it could possibly sway the upcoming election. He enlists Elizabeth's staff to try to convince the scientists behind the clock to not move it closer to midnight. Daisy and Nadine reason with the scientists and they end up only moving the clock one minute instead of the two minutes they had planned to move it. 

Meanwhile, the team behind taking down Jibral Disah is at the end of their ropes when Layla decides to send an email to Disah's wife warning her the government was after her. Thankfully they're able to get the email before it gets to her, but Russell is convinced they need to take Layla in and send her back to her country. Henry and Jane try to reason with Russel and tell him Layla isn't aware of what Disah's wife is involved in and only sees her as her former student. Russell isn't moved and orders Jose, and a tactical team, to go to Layla's home to put her in prison. 

Henry decides to go to Layla's house himself and tell her the entire truth about why they need the information about her former student. Layla agrees to comply with the government and provides Henry with a photo while also promising to email Disah's wife. Henry is able to stop the team from going into Layla's home and they're able to get a location of exactly where Disah's wife is. 

You still have time to catch up on the entire season before the finale. Go watch Madam Secretary online now via TV Fanatic anytime. 

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Madam Secretary Season 2 Episode 18 Quotes

Elizabeth: The President actually said that?
Russell: Of course not, but I speak for him.

That damn doomsday clock!