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On Madam Secretary Season 2 Episode 4, Elizabeth is shocked to learn there are photos being shopped around showing Stevie and Harrison in compromising positions. Elizabeth brings this information to Stevie and she is mortified, but promises the only thing on the phone is naked photos after they had sex and not of the actual act. As Elizabeth does a little more digging into how the photos got out, she finds out Harrison had lost his phone a week ago and never bothered to put a password on the phone.

Things quickly get out of hand when the photos pop up on the internet and Henry publicly takes down on TV who slut shames his Stevie and questions Henry's ethics. President Dalton invites Henry and Elizabeth to dinner to discuss how they are going to manage what to do regarding the photo scandal and President Dalton blames Elizabeth for the entire thing. As the team does some more digging, they find out it was a former secret service agent named Ronald who was trying to get revenge for his unfair treatment. 

President Dalton eventually apologizes to Elizabeth and Henry and they let Stevie talk to Ronald. Stevie accepts his apology and reminds him that she isn't a piece of merchandise and she just made a stupid mistake. 

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Madam Secretary Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

For crying out loud Bess, will you help me solve one damn problem that you've caused?!

President Dalton

You've opened Pandora's box over there.

President Dalton