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After panicking about running into old co-workers at the G20 summit, Blake runs into an ex and has a heartfelt conversation that results in him coming out at bisexual to Elizabeth. He rambles on for a while about why he's always been so private and why he's telling her now, her response is a heartfelt hug.

Henry gets sent to Israel to track the VFF, but the mission goes sideways when ISIS turns on their American allies and steal the bio weapon. Henry and Mo decide that ISIS is taking the drone and the bio weapon to Rome to attack the pope. The US cyber team gains control of the drone and crashes it in the country side, but the results don't come back until the president is making a toast at the G20 dinner that the weapon wasn't on the drone. Elizabeth and Jay coordinate the evacuation of the building, getting the HVAC shut down in time so that the only victims of the virus are the terrorists.

Stevie is left at home with the kids, and misses a lunch meeting with the Harvard dean of admissions when Jason gets sick at school and is suspected of appendicitis. Russell shows up at the house the next day to take her to breakfast for the rescheduled meeting, but she declines, saying that she wants to stay in DC and help her parents and continue working for him, because public service is the family business.

Madam Secretary
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Madam Secretary Season 3 Episode 22 Quotes

Elizabeth: You ambushed me!
Henry: I would have told you, but we were a little busy trying to prevent a bioterror attack.
Elizabeth: If only there were some method of communication where you could send messages almost instantaneously...

Matt [in a bad Italian accent]: Ah, Roma...city of carbs-ah.
Elizabeth: I have to admit, I've been dreaming about the stracchi for the past week. [high fives Matt, receives glare from Nadine] And the deal with Russia on tax avoidance.