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Henry starts his new job at the Special Assignment Division. 

Russia moves troops into Bulgaria, having them pose as an internal revolutionary group. Elizabeth tries to get NATO to act under Article 5, but France blocks the motion. Elizabeth first tries to bribe/blackmail the French president into action with information that she got from Mike B, but it doesn't work. While Nadine and Daisy are internet stalking him to dig up dirt about ex girlfriends, they uncover that he worked for a European nationalist group, and one of the groups missions is to dismantle NATO. Elizabeth confronts him about the conflict of interest and he explains that he didn't know about their Fascist/nationalistic ideals until after he'd signed the contract. Henry's work at SAD has him in contact with Dmitri about anything useful he can share about the current Russian power structure. He tells Henry about the current administration's money man, and Henry is able to track the guy down in Canada. (Dmitri also meets Stevie at the house, and there's a spark). It turns out that the money man made videos of his transactions to protect himself; Henry gets the tape of him bribing the current French president with campaign contributions. When Elizabeth goes back to NATO, France abstains from the motion, which means that it passes.

Mike B and Nadine work out some of the ground rules of their new relationship.

Elizabeth wants to get away to a cabin the family used to visit, but the kids are less than thrilled with the idea. In the end, Henry gets everybody up there and the family looks like they're having a good time. 

Madam Secretary
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Madam Secretary Season 3 Episode 23 Quotes

Elizabeth: What's Ambassador Newman saying?
Russell: Newman's a tenor who sits on a phone book to drive. He can't help us. This situation requires some brass balls.
Elizabeth: So you're sending me in? Well, there's a compliment in there somewhere.

Russell: I hope you don't mind. My wife still checks my steps. Wants me alive for some reason.
Elizabeth: Eh, I'll agree with her on that.
Russell: So do I. I just wish I could do it in a hammock, with short ribs.