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Elizabeth heads to Libya in an attempt to rebroker peace and avoid a renewal of their civil war. On the ground, her car hits a little girl who was on her way from her grandparents. The girl's prognosis isn't good -- she has severe intracranial swelling and the hospital doesn't have the equipment needed to save her. A US medical ship nearby does, but the two sides are enforcing a no fly zone that prevents the girl from being transported. Elizabeth goes back to the negotiating table to ask the leaders for a temporary one hour cease fire so the little girl can be saved.

Dmitri comes clean to Henry about his drug addiction after he lashes out at his new coworkers. He also runs into Stevie at the convenience store after she has a fight with Jareth, and they share a moment. Jareth later apologizes, but Stevie clearly still has reservations about the state of their relationship.  

Madam Secretary
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Madam Secretary Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

No heroics, Bess. And if DS decides to pull the plug at any point, I'm authorizing them to pick you up throw you back on the plane! You got that?


You're not some random envoy, Elizabeth. If anything happens to you, we won't just be sad, it'd be an act of war!