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Henry and Dmitri take a trip to Afghanistan to recruit an old friend of Dmitri's. His friend Matvay gives them intelligence that an Afghan general is planning to lay down arms during a planned joint military action with the US. When they interrogate him, they find out that the Taliban is willing to make some compromises if they are allowed to join the government as a minority party. Elizabeth jumps on the idea of negotiation, upsetting her friend, the Afghan Minister of Education, who is in DC to give the keynote address at the Women Transform the World conference. Admiral Hill also strenuously objects to the plan -- the Taliban's big sticking point is that women not be allowed in the government. While Elizabeth sees their concessions on women's education, ability to work outside the home, financial independence, and ability to drive as massive stepping stones that will lead the Afghan people to fully enfranchise women in the future, her peers see it as a massive setback to the fight for equality. Meanwhile, Dmitri's friend is killed by the GRU in Afghanistan, and he notices that he is being followed. Henry finds out that it was the CIA, not the GRU, but the director doesn't disclose that Stevie was with Dmitri. On a date at Dmitri's house, he contemplates ending things with her, but her heartfelt confession about how happy she is with him changes his mind.

Madam Secretary
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Madam Secretary Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes

Daisy: Let me know when I'm oversharing. I've been alone with the baby for a long time.
Elizabeth: As a rule, just pull back when you find yourself wanting to share the color or texture *anything*.

Daisy: Wow, lot of changes since I was gone. Congratulations, Boss.
Jay: Don't be ridiculous. Blake is still the boss.