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In Laos the cops are arresting pregnant women. The taxi driver manages to convince the cop that the American couple is just in the wrong place but they realize their surrogate has been arrested.

At a meeting about international sex trafficking, Dalton wants to punish all countries involved with it. Elizabeth thinks that's unfair. VP Theresa says that one of her constituents can't locate their surrogate. Russell thinks this is too controversial an issue to deal with. Dalton agrees. Later Theresa tells Elizabeth the couple in question is her daughter and son-in-law. Their surrogate is a week away from her due date. Theresa says she couldn't mention it in front of Russell or he would ruin her own campaign for President. Elizabeth agrees to help.

The rest of Elizabeth's staff is dealing with the reopening of a Japanese garden. Henry and Elizabeth will be there for the rededication. Matt is writing a speech about it. Everyone is happy. After the meeting, Blake approaches Jay. A guest of the Japanese ambassador keeps offering Blake gifts to try to get a meeting with Elizabeth. He's given him a watch. Jay is shocked by how much the watch is worth.

Elizabeth meets with the ambassador to Laos, who promises to communicate that the US is invested in the health of the surrogates.

An intelligence guy shows Henry that Russian operatives are following Stevie -- specifically Talya Petrov. The intelligence guy thinks Talya is now working for Russia. Henry hopes there is a detail on Stevie. Intelligence guy says yes, covert detail. Henry thinks Stevie should be in a safe house. Other guy thinks Stevie is safe. Henry wants to talk to Talya to get answers.

Blake gets on the phone and tries to reject the watch but gets put on hold. Someone who works for the Japanese embassy comes to see him along with a Parks and Recs person. The Parks and Recs person says they don't have the budget for this big garden. The Japanese liaison says this is disrespectful and if it can't be resolved, the ceremony is off.

Jay gives Elizabeth an update. All the surrogates are awaiting sentencing. He knows where Elani is.

Elizabeth has an idea: create an international coalition to advocate for the surrogates and for decriminalization of surrogacy.

Theresa thinks this is a pipe dream. Elizabeth says forming a coalition will allow them to save everyone. Theresa says that is not possible. All she cares about is the woman giving birth to her grandchild. Elizabeth says Theresa will have to trust her.

Talya orders coffee at a coffee shop. Intelligence officers close the shop and Henry approaches her. He wants to know why she is following Stevie. She says Dmitri was worried about Stevie after the attack. She claims she didn't know how to follow someone. She swears that was the only reason. 

Elizabeth is glad this story checks out as it would be a stupid lie. She thinks it was sweet of Dmitri to check on Stevie and that Henry would do the same for her. Henry doesn't think they should tell Stevie. Elizabeth says Stevie can handle a lot.  Just then Alison interrupts: the news is saying Theresa used a sex slave to carry her grandchild.

Dalton is upset that Theresa didn't tell him before. They decide to focus on the international issue. Elizabeth thinks the coalition plan is viable. Theresa thinks it will risk American lives. Henry isn't sure but leans towards Theresa's plan. Dalton sides with them and not Elizabeth. He is cutting aid to Laos and now Elizabeth has nothing to negotiate with. Dalton wants to talk to Theresa privately.

In the car, Henry apologizes. He wants to be on Elizabeth's side. He has to offer his best judgment to save lives. Elizabeth is upset because the leak to the news killed her coalition. Henry wonders if Theresa leaked it herself to kill the coalition.

Blake pulled an all nighter but doesn't have the money for the garden. Blake says nobody owns this problem and now he's the one responsible. Matt jokes that if only he could sell that watch. Blake thinks maybe that's the answer to everything. He talks to the donor and says he can't take a bribe but if he becomes a donor to the garden... He agrees but wants his name listed by itself and a pagoda in his name or no donation.

Elizabeth tries to negotiate with the prime minister of Laos, who is not interested and makes a veiled threat to strengthen ties with China instead.

Stevie finds Henry making pancakes and knows something's going on. Henry tells her about Dmitri, sort of. She wasn't expecting to ever hear his name again. Henry hopes this helps more than it hurts. Stevie admits to thinking about him a lot. She says they had something real. Henry talked to Dmitri and he said the same thing. He got approval for Dmitri to write Stevie a letter.  Henry offers to stay home with her.

Jay says Israel and the UK are upset that the US is pulling out of the coalition. Elizabeth tells him to check with the Laos embassy to make sure they are taking care of the surrogates. 

Elizabeth addresses the Garden. Usuki is happy with a plaque in memory of his grandmother.

Henry and Elizabeth go for a walk in the garden. Henry talks about how inspiring it is, how it is a symbol of peace. Elizabeth is upset about the bombs the US threw on Laos in the past and have never owned.

Elizabeth has gone to see Theresa. She tells her she knows she was behind the leak. Theresa thinks Elizabeth would have done the same thing. Elizabeth says they need more of Theresa's audacity. She wants Theresa to lead a delegation of families to Laos. Theresa thinks that could backfire. Elizabeth says part 2: Laos needs an apology for Vietnam. She thinks the way through this is to be open and clear even though it's risky for women to show vulnerability in politics.

Ilani is reunited with the baby's parents. Theresa makes a speech. She is happy.  They will be talking to the Laos government in the coming days.

Dalton is impressed with Theresa's performance. Russell says this is a problem for Elizabeth.

Stevie goes to a hotel room with the letter. She opens it and reads it, crying. 

Jay tells Elizabeth that the UN is planning a summit on commercial surrogacy.

In Alaska, Dmitri gets a letter back from Stevie. She tells him she was allowed to write to him one time. She misses him.


Madam Secretary
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Madam Secretary Season 5 Episode 7 Quotes

Dalton: We're withholding aide to all Tier Three countries.
Elizabeth: Sir, that could have a negative effect on populations. It would be more fair to approach this on a case by case basis.
Dalton: Fair? Women in these countries are being ripped from their homes. I want fairness for them.

It won't be long now. Soon we'll be holding our baby girl in our arms.