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Stevie is injured in an attack on the White House by white nationalists attempting to disrupt a peace deal between India and Pakistan. Russell's former secretary, who had been filling in for Adele while she was on vacation and providing a kind of brusque mentorship to Stevie, dies in the attack. Elizabeth has been struggling with having to soften on human rights abuses in order to get India to the table for nuclear disarmament, and with preparing the family, namely Henry for her presidential run. She turns to three former Secretaries for advice and makes an amazing speech at the treaty signing. 

Stevie has started looking for a job outside of Russell's office. June schools her in DC office politics and then Stevie puts her foot in her mouth and a generation gap in feminism is exposed. 

Henry speaks out against human rights violations against minority Indians at an academic conference which derails Elizabeth's disarmament deal...temporarily. 

Madam Secretary
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Madam Secretary Season 5 Episode 1 Quotes

I acknowledge, the United States is far from perfect. But one lesson India can take from America, despite our shortcomings, is that we have only approached our democratic ideals when we've striven to include *all* voices.


Elizabeth: I'm starting to feel silently judged.
Henry: I'm just unpacking, babe.
Elizabeth: After 28 years, I know 'just unpacking,' and that isn't it.