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While canvassing, Elizabeth has trouble getting voters to commit to her. She and Conrad talk to a guy who didn't have time to vote and take him to the voting booth.

In the present, the McCords are getting ready for Conrad's visit. A deliveryman drops a statue of Eisenhower and breaks its nose.

Russell tells Elizabeth about a national security issue: Daisy.

Daisy is deposed and tells them about the flash drive. The flash drive had the leaked documents, but she says she didn't leak them.

Russell and the White House counsel fill Elizabeth in. Elizabeth says so the only thing Daisy did wrong was not report this. Public perception is the issue, not legality. The FBI could disclose this to the Senate. Hanson will cause a lot of trouble with this. The journalist and Bernard are the only ones besides Daisy who know about it. The journalist will not reveal her source. THey have to get Claudine Bernard to talk.

Henry has a guy there to try to repair the bust. Evan then tells Henry that he has an update on the Senate investigation for him and also Dmitri is being naturalized.

Conrad comes two hours early. He brought his guitar. He is working on a music album. Maybe being back will help him finish the album. He has an interview the next day.

Elizabeth is called away. Bernard has not b een found in an FBI raid. However, a phone they found gave them a working theory. She is in Tehran -- out of reach. Russell suggests getting the Secretary of State involved. They only have until tomorrow evening before the FBI has to report Daisy to the Senate. Elizabeth asks Blake to get Daisy for her.

Elizabeth needs to know why Daisy stayed silent. Daisy says Miller is a monster who would have made it look like Elizabeth colluded with Iran and sunk her campaign had Daisy followed the rules. She couldn't let that happen when he is a racist and xenophobe. Daisy offers to resign but Elizabeth rejects it.

Mike thinks Elizabeth should have accepted Daisy's resignation. Russell and Elizabeth disagree. Elizabeth says the journalist will be in court tomorrow. Mike says this is no good and Elizabeth should squash the subpoena against Valerie. Elizabeth points out she can't do that.

Elizabeth is sure Valerie will be back. Henry asks her what if Valerie refuses to testify? That could lead to imprisonment of a reporter who is doing her job. Meanwhile, there is an artist using a 3D printer to try to fix the statue.

Henry says this situation could have a negative affect on freedom of the press. Reporters will be afraid to use anonymous sources. Conrad is playing his guitar and Elizabeth thinks that's weird, especially since his wife didn't come.

At a press conference, the substitute press secretary fields questions about whether Elizabeth is afraid of low poll numbers and where Daisy is. Valerie insists on seeing Mike and says to tell Elizabeth she is not revealing her source.

Elizabeth has a press conference to talk about Daisy in which she says she is sure Daisy will be exonerated. The press keeps asking where Valerie is and then all leave.

At dinner, Elizabeth is upset about this situation. Russell hopes Conrad puts in a good word during his interview. He says he is going to be a grandfather and also he is joining UNICEF.

Henry is glad that Conrad's news wasn't problems in his marriage. Elizabeth is upset that Conrad didn't give her any advice. Henry suggests Elizabeth pardons Valerie. Elizabeth won't because then Daisy won't be exonerated.

Daisy's daughter wants to go to the zoo again. She likes that her Mama is home. Daisy's phone is ringing. She turns on the news, and Hanson is on the news saying Elizabeth must be behind this and he wants to impeach her.

Russell goes to talk to Hanson and warns him he's playing with fire. He says Hanson will get slaughtered in the midterms. Hanson says he's in the Senate, not the House, but they have the votes.

Stevie tells Elizabeth she's getting a lot of flack at work about the Valerie situation.

Henry comes in to watch Conrad's interview and invites Stevie to Dmitri's naturalization ceremony.

Conrad's interview begins. The interviewer wonders whether Conrad came to give advice. Conrad says Elizabeth is unimpeachable and can handle this without his help. He takes out his guitar and plays a song he wrote for his unborn grandchild.

Elizabeth tells Henry she is pardoning Valerie. She says Henry can't let her push him away. He tells her he doesn't think she can trust Daisy. He says Elizabeth would have turned over the flash drive even if it cost her an election. Elizabeth says but Daisy thought she was protecting the country from Miller. Henry says that Daisy acted unethically. He thinks Elizabeth has to fire Daisy.

Elizabeth makes a speech. She talks about Conrad and dedicates his official portrait. The portrait is unveiled and everyone gives Conrad a standing ovation. Conrad talks about how Eisenhower spoke against world hunger.

Elizabeth thanks Conrad for standing up for her. He is ready to go home to see his wife.

Daisy addresses the press to tell them about the pardon for Valerie. She also announces that she is resigning.

Elizabeth wants an unofficial meeting with Valerie.

Henry coes to Dmitri's naturalization ceremony. Dmitri is disappointed that Stevie isn't here. A couple who is about to be naturalized comments that this wouldn't happen if Miller was President. Stevie comes. Stevie has a gift for Dmitri. The udge has everyonet ake the oath.

Valerie wants an apology from Elizabeth. Elizabeth thinks Valerie owes her one for using anonymous sources against the government. Elizabeth wants to know if the source was Daisy. Valerie says it was not.

Russell tells Mike that Hanson is backing off, for now, but he's sure this isn't over. They will miss Daisy.

Daisy is packing her things. She finds a framed I voted sticker. There is a flashback of everyone headed to headquarters. Daisy finds out that Elizabeth won the election. Daisy gives her daughter a balloon at the victory party.



Madam Secretary
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Madam Secretary Season 6 Episode 5 Quotes

Just because Eisenhower was Conrad's favorite doesn't mean you have to redecorate.


Elizabeth: You're sure this is a swing district?
Daisy: Trust me, this district could decide the whole election.
Elizabeth: It had to be Virginia.
Daisy: You're from Virginia.
Elizabeth [to woman passing by]: You vote today?
Woman: Not for you!