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A guy breaks into Mike's house, tases him, and wraps a towel around his head. Russell tells Elizabeth, Henry and Morejon that Hansen's nonsense has brought crazy people out of the woodwork. But in better news, Stevie and Henry's interviews at the hearing have been postponed.

Griffith brings Stevie dinner.

Elizabeth and her staff watch a conspiracy theorist's video about how Mike is having delta wave poisoning. Meanwhile, Elizabeth has to entertain the Korean first family when they come to Washington. There are cheering people outside when they meet. The Chinese First Lady wants to meet Beyonce.

The  meeting is going well until the conspiracy theorist posts a phony video of Henry and Elizabeth making fun of the Korean first family and calling them stupid.

A military expert explains the video is fake but Shawn reposted it from an anonymous message board. The Korean guy believes it's fake but he feels that he has to hold off on the trade agreement because people in his country don't like the US.

Henry doesn't understand how one video can derail the trade agreement. Russell says because the video is still online. Mike has tried to get it removed but the service hosting it says it's not against their terms of service.

Dmitri calls Stevie. He's leaving town and wants to know if Stevie wants to go to his going away party. Stevie says if she can get away she will. 

The Korean First Lady explains she had to sell her fashion business altogether to become the First Lady. She thinks policy is more interesting. She thinks powerful men use tariffs to decide what women can wear. She says she has no influenceo ver her husband about the trade agreement.

U-Vid's representative insists she cannot take down the video because some deep fakes are satire. She can't make a blanket policy. Russell and Mike try to explain how her platform is undermining democracy and leading to violence like the one Mike experienced but she claims free speech.

Stevie comes to the party. She talks about the First Lady of South Korea and how she's an amazing pop star. She shows everyone a video and talks to Dmitri about him leaving. He's going to Gayana to build houses. He is glad that Stevie came. He asks about her job. She says it is fulfilling. THey look like they are about to kiss.

Henry thinks they have a back channel to getting the deal signed since the First Lady knows some of the numbers. Elizabeth seems upset. She found a bunch of conspiracy videos online. She feels the authoplay validates these crazy views and leads to white nationalism. She is concerned about the algorithm. 

Elizabeth wants to regulate the video platform. Russell says they can't do that. Mike says that will make her look like a dictator. Elizabeth wants to rely on Rachel Ballard, which Russell doesn't like because she's so anti-trust. Meanwhile, they have to try to save the trade agreement with South Korea.

Henry goes on some speed ride with the First Lady. She tells him that her husband is afraid of his public image being hurt.She says they need to get rid of the restrictions on South Korean software. She wants Henry to take a video of her next round on the ride.

Stevie goes to see Blake. She tells him Griffin is the nicest guy ever but there's another guy. Blake thinks it's good Dmitri is going to Gayana because it didn't work out the first time. 

Russell is shocked to hear that the Senate Majority Leader wants Ballard and is for regulating Big Tech. However they don't have the votes to confirm unless Hansen agrees. 

Elizabeth does not wat to talk to Hansen. Morejon goes to lunch with him. He tells Hansen that the Democrats are in control of big tech regulation so conservatives need to take a stand Hansen says no, that's a socialist idea. Hansen feels Elizabeth betrayed her promises because she didn't pivot to the center the way he wanted. Hansen tries to convince Morejon he would be a better President than Elizabeth.

Morejon tells Elizabeth and company that Hansen wants to just take Elizabeth down. He tells them how Hansen offered to make him President. He and Mike thnks they should get centrist Democrats on board. Mike talks to some who think Ballard is "divisive." They're worried about their corporate donors.

Henry brings up the restrictions on software. Elizabeth thinks this will be a hard sell. She says the best way to regulate capitalism is to force it to regulate itself.

Stevie goes to dinner with Griffin. .She's happy that her project at work is finished. Griffin says he's really enjoying getting to know her and really likes her. He stumbles through saying he wants to be exclusive with her.

Stevie goes to see Dmitri and rings his bell a million times. She says she needs him to say that they're done so she can move on. She says every time she sees him she wants... Dmitiri comes outside and kisses her. 

The Korean First Lady performs at the State dinner. Blake gives Mike a weird look when he starts bobbing his head.

Ur-Vid lady is at the dinner. Meanwhile, Mike introduces the Korean First Lady to the two centrist Democrats.

Elizabeth brings Chelsea to talk to Russell. Russell says they will be allowing a South Korean video streaming company. That company does not allow fake news, deep fakes, etc. Chelsea says that works in South Korea. Russell says young people in South Korea prefer WeSo because it's more trustworthy. Chelsea says Elizabeth will then be the President who threatened free speech. Elizabeth says voters wlll get proper information with WeSo and that's fine. She goes and Chelsea complains that she only has two weeks to fix this. Russell tells her she can do it and walks off.

Mike gets an autograph from the Korean First Lady.

Rachel Ballard gets confirmed. Morjon casts a tiebreaking vote. Hansen comes up to him and talks about Nixon. Morejon says 68% are against impeachment. Hansen says he never quits.

Shawn Olsen fights some guy in the parking lot on video. Dmitiri finds it funny.  Stevie is in bed with him nd got him passionfruit. She hopes he is not sad about skipping Gayana. They kiss some more. 

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Madam Secretary Season 6 Episode 6 Quotes

Jack it up with some old Arnold Schwarzennager clips and you've got a conspiracy theory. It's the cat video of conspiracy theories.


Mike says the kid tried to wrap a towel around his head, something about Delta waves.