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At a press conference, Daisy mentions the Senate hearing, the gas tax, and Elizabeth throwing the first pitch at the Mets. There is a lot of upset about the gas tax.

Henry and Elizabeth are eating when Russell shows up. He says that the honeymoon is over. Elizabeth wants to talk to the protesters. Russell doesn't think it's a good idea.

Russell is annoyed by the investigation and that Elizabeth is in the loop about any of this.  He argues with the White House counsel.

Stevie meets Blake's ex-roommate. THey are both nervous and he gets flirty. Kids are staring at them. Some guy is taking photos of the two of them.

At the Senate Committee Hearing, Mike B is questioned. It is insinuated that he lied about learning about the Miller scandal through the press.

Elizabeth says she wants to wean the US off of foreign oil and the gas tax is temporary. She remembers when she and Henry went through this and suggests people check the air pressure in their tires. 

Blake goes over the itenerary. Daisy reads an opinion piece that thinks that Elizabeth talking about air pressure in tires puts her out of touch.

Mike is testifying. There is a flashback of their campaign. Mike says that everyone gets burned out in their own way. His job was to make sure that Elizabeth didn't have a meltdown in front of cameras. In the flashback Elizabeth found a bird that fell out of its nest and insisted on doing something.

Apparently Elizabeth found a dying bird and insisted on trying to save it before going to see her donors. 

In the present, Elizabeth is worried about pitching. She breaks something trying to throw.

Blake runs into Stevie. He claims being a receptionist for the White House feels like a promotion. He wants to talk about the date. Stevie says Griffith was a super nice guy but maybe she tanked it on purpose. Stevie says she's freaked out that he knows everything about her family. Blake says her family is internationally famous. He thinks she is too serious and doesn't want to have fun.

The next morning, Mike's testimony resumes.

FLASHBACK: on the way to get an endorsement. The Senator says he can't endorse a communist. He leaves. Mike wants to go. Elizabeth wants to make a speech. 

In the men's room, Mike finds the Senator has died on the toilet.

Mike testifies as to how he proceeded. He was concerned about fallout.

FLASHBACK: Mike is worried about missing a Town Hall in Burlington. Blake asks what the plan is. Mike puts an out of order sign on the men's room and makes a call.

Elizabeth is talking to someone about pie crusts. Blake tells her there was a power outage in Burlington.

In the present, Mike is questioned about why he called 911 from a landline. He says he was told to when his son had a peanut allergy. THe recording shows he didn't give his name. He says he didn't actually know what to do.

Elizabeth has a dream she accidentally knocks out the mascot while pitching and everyone boos her. She gets up in the middle of the night and practices. Henry asks her if she's anxious about the protests or pitching. She tells him about the nightmare. Henry tells her Dmitri called him. He wanted to thank them for the deal and ask for permission to contact Stevie.They discuss what to do about it. Elizabeth says they should stay out of this and let it play out the way it's gonna play out.

Everyone applauds as Elizabeth signs a bill. SHe makes a short speech about uniting against common enemies. She sees her old friend the diplomat from Russia. 

It's time to goes to the stadium.

Russell is annoyed that his assistant told his wife where he is going to lunch.

There are protesters on the route. Stevie is laughing at something her new suitor sent. Elizabeth and Henry look at each other. 

There are protesters in the stands. Elizabeth suddenly decides she wants to listen to them and get rid of the gas tax. Russell thinks that's a bad idea.

Elizabeth throws the pitch perfectly. Russell and Henry argue. Henry doesn't like it that Russell is micromanaging Elizabeth. Russell says he is protecting her. 

Russell is waiting for Elizabeth in her office. Elizabeth says she wants to announce that she is rolling back the gas tax and a list of new revenue streams to make up the deficit. Russell thinks she shouldn't give in to protesters. Elizabeth says he may be right but she's getting to work on the statement anyway. Russell goes.

Nina goes into Russell's office and finds out he fired his assistant. She tells him to stop throwing people away. Russell hires her as his assistant.

Stevie has a second date. He realizes that someone is taking photos of them and moves to give the person a better shot. They take their own photo.

Dmitri sees it and looks sad.

Mike talks about what happened in Burlington. FLASHBACK: Elizabeth wants to get a living wage for everyone. A woman talks at the town hall about overprescription of pain medication and how her husband got addicted. She found him dead from an overdose.  Now she lost her house and her daughter can't afford groceries or medication. She cries and Elizabeth gave her a hug 

Mike says that experience made him realize that Elizabeth's vulnerability was her strength.

The Senate Committee tries to claim that Senator Woodhouse was murdered. 

Elizabeth asks Mike how the hearing was. He says they are looking for something that isn't there. Russell says this is war.


Madam Secretary
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Madam Secretary Season 6 Episode 2 Quotes

Elizabeth: Are we taking this healthy thing too far?
Henry: I wouldn't say that. It's just a lot of chewing.

While President McCord is confident that the investigation will show that there is no truth to Hansen's accusation that her campaign colluded with the Iranian interference into the election, but she respects Congress' authority to oversee the executive branch.