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Stevie arrives late to dinner with her parents and can't stay.. Elizabeth realizes they have an empty nest. Henry wants to get a dog.

Russell and Mike do polling to decide what kind of dog is best to get.

The meeting is interrupted by a crisis: the mastermind behind the UN gassing has been located in a bunker in an obscure country. Elizabeth has to decide between using autonomous vehicles or ground troops to attack him.Moscow is an ally of this country and will not be happy about this. Elizabeth has 24 hours to decide how to proceed.

The Senate Committee questions Blake about going to a party with Stevie. The commitee wants to know why a donor was reimbursed for a free flight.


Blake's boyfriend Trevor and Blake talk about moving in together. Blake has a spreadsheet about the costs. Trevor wants to get married and doesn't want to meet Blake's parents because Blake isn't sure.

The committee head doesn't want to hear this story but the lawyer insists.

In flashback Blake's parents won't allow him to get out of the visit. They want to set him up with someone.

Blake asks Stevie for a favor.

Henry has a meeting with Elizabeth's staff. One of her staff members thinks ethics is not an important concern right now. Henry argues about the ethics of using unmanned weapons. Susan says that they need to create these weapons before someone else does. They are worried about Russia or China getting the technology first.

Mike has a dog for Elizabeth. The dog looks sad and has been taken away from her mother too soon. Russell suggests giving the dog anti-depressants. Elizabeth wants the dog returned to her mother.

Blake is asked if Shelton or Stevie asked for a donation.

There is a flashback of Anderson saying Elizabeth shouldn't be President because she's a woman who hasn't run for anything before.

Blake's parents assume Stevie is Blake's mystery partner.. Blake gets them to sing before Stevie can explain the truth. Stevie stands there awkwardly.

Elizabeth has a nightmare that Peter wants her to help him work on a car but she doesn't know what tool he wants and she couldn't make her phone work. Henry thinks she just wants justice for him and his family. Elizabeth thinks the deram is about machines needing oversight.

Elizabeth is sleepy during the meeting but wants to know where people stand on this. Most people like the unmanned vehicles, except for Russell and one other person. Elizabeth eventually decides on using ground troops. The mission appears to be a success but then they lose contact with the SEAL team.

Daisy has a press conference where she states that 8 SEAL team members were killed. A reporter asks about the unmanned devices, which Daisy doesn't answer

Russell needs to find out who leaked that to the press. Elizabeth says she doesn't want the next of kin thinking that she risked the SEAL team members' lives for no reason. However, the leak could be a diplomatic opening for negotiations with RUssia and China.

The Senator in charge of the committee doesn't believe Stevie didn't talk to Anderson.

Flashback: Stevie keeps arguing with Anderson. She confornts him about his misogyny..

Elizabeth meets with the families of the bereaved. She thanks everyone for their sacrifice and asks them to tell her about their loved ones. She assures them that their sacrifice was not in vain. One of the family members says that they were heroes. They want her to stand up publicly for their sacrifice instead of apologizing for it.

Elizabeth meets with the Russian and Chinese ambassador herself to try to push for the ban. They don't want to give her a strategic advantage. They think she is trying to salvage her presidency because of the scandal. Elizabeth says it isn't about that. She is going to make an announcement tonight. Either they support the ban or she is going to announce she's pouring money into research and development for deploying these weapons.

Russell thinks Elizabeth should stop explaining herself and lead with strength instead. Elizabeth thinks he's being misogynstic. She tells him to advise her as a president, not a woman.

The Senate Intelligence guy keeps insisting Blake misused campaign funds. He says that a text about buttering up Shelton was that he was their ride back.


Stevie and Blake have an argument. Stevie's parents wonder what's going on.

Mike has another dog. But it needs a lot of grooming. Elizabeth tries to pet the dog and it barks and growls.

Still no word from Moscow or Beijing. Elizabeth is surprised. Russell has more bad news: he knows who the leaker is. Henry shows up with a dog.

Blake says the reason he didn't rejoin the campaign right away wasn't because of politics. 


Trevor comes to see Blake and now wants to move in with him. Blake tells his parents he's engaged to Trevor. His parents are relieved.

Blake says he got five days off and goes on about his honeymoon with Trevor.

Elizabeth confronts an admiral who admits to leaking the information. He says she made the country less safe by not using the unmanned weapons. The admiral is arrested.

Russell says they just heard back from Russia and China.

Elizabeth makes a speech saying that they have come to an agreement.  She says artificial intelligence can't consider the human cost of its actions.

The lawyer says they can't keep Elizabeth out of the loop much longer. Mike says that is bad.

Elizabeth thinks her dream is about accountability. Henry tells her he still thinks about the missions he flew. The death toll stays with you forever.  Elizabeth decides to name the dog Hope.





Madam Secretary
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Madam Secretary Season 6 Episode 3 Quotes

Russell: If there were no Checkers, there would be no Nixon.
Elizabeth: Actually, that's a good argument for not getting a dog.

It's finally hitting me, Henry. We have an empty nest.