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Magnum is tied up in Moscow. He's a prisoner of "Victor' and his men bring in Rick and TC too who have been caught as well.

Of course Magnum grabs the gun and takes control. Turns out it was part of Robin's book that Higgins is reading to a bunch of kids and Kumu.

Kumu has Higgins change the subject. She offers to give the kids a tour of Magnum's place. A girl answers that throws Higgins. He invites the group in.

TC and Rick are at a convenience store where Rick is grabbing a hot dog and junk food. As they leave they see a vet in a wheelchair outside who seems to be having a rough time. They stop and chat with him about their military experience. His name is Shammy.

Magnum is on his way to visit Henry, a sugar tycoon who wants to hire him for a job. He wants him to find a lost love, Elizabeth, who he just received a letter from -- only catch is that she's been dead for 30 years.

.Henry gives Magnum more information about Elizabeth. She wrote him an email that she needs money. 

Rick and TC talk with Shammy some more about their war experience. They invite him to go surfing.

Higgins is upset that Magnum is using her laptop. She agrees to help him after he says he'll buy his own if she helps him.

They go to the library to where the email was sent to see if they can find anything int he cameras. They find video of Elizabeth.

Higgins and magnum bring the library to Henry and he believes the woman is Elizabeth. Magnum comes up with a plan.

Henry gets upset because he can't remember and Higgins comes to the rescue. She's so gentle.

Shammy hits the waves with TC and Rick.

Henry shares stories about his past with Higgins. Meanwhile, Magnum checks out the computer as Elizabeth responds.

Magnum texts the picture to Kumu to see if she knows where it might be from. Higgins and Magnum head to the location. As they walk through the jungle, Higgins shares that her mother had dementia which is why she's so interested in the case.

They come across a freshly dug up grave that has blood around it.

Magnum brings a bag of dirt to the medical examiner so she can check it out.

Shammy decides to let himself fall into the ocean but TC and Rick come to the rescue and get him out before he drowns. They're not happy what he did and leave him. Shammy shares more of his story about how he lost his ability to walk. They offer to be his friend and help him through it all.

Magnum gets a call from Higgins who has information about why Elizabeth was in debt. She was pregnant and gave the baby up for adoption.

The medical examiner tells Magnum that the blood is swine.

Magnum makes a visit to the person who hunted the pig. Inside the house, Magnum finds a human skull and a letter to Elizabeth. The owner comes in with an crossbow pointed at Magnum.

He's taken prisoner by the guy and his wife/girlfriend. Magnum tries to talk his way out of the situation but when the woman sets the car alarm off, Magnum takes his chance and gets away. He uses a log to knock the guy out.

The police show up and so does Higgins.Higgins makes a discover and learns that it was Henry's butler who murdered Elizabeth.

The butler is arrested, Henry is told the news, and Higgins tells Henry about his child, Sarah. Henry wants to meet her.

TC and Rick are going to give Shammy an island tour and TC offers Shammy a job. Shammy agrees.

Higgins and Magnum bring Sarah to Henry. It's touching.

Magnum P.I.
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Magnum P.I. Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Magnum: You know what I find annoying?
Higgins: Me?
Magnum: Yes.

Shammy: I guess some of us transition better than others.
Rick: It wasn't all roses. We had some help.