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TC is coaching a football game. Everyone is there, including Kumu.

One of the players leaves and his dad puts a handgun in the trunk. He's a single father with two jobs.

Magnum is at the house and can't get out of the Ferrari because he is accosted by the dogs. Higgins calls them away. She's not happy with him for taking Masters' boat.

TC shows up. The kid has missed two practices. He needs Magnum's help. The two visit Hani's house to investigate. The kid is there, but not his dad. His dad was arrested. They all leave for HPD. Det. Katsumoto is in charge of the case which is a murder case. They're shocked.

Katsumoto shares information with TC and Magnum. TC doesn't believe that Hani killed anyone.

They work to find a lawyer for Hani and hire Vanessa aka Cyndi Lauper. Magnum and Vanessa are in the police station to talk with Hani. Magnum does all the talking. Hani tells his side of the story about Dr. Mason and that Mason was being threatened by another patient.

They leave and Vanessa tells him that Hani was lying.

Magnum asks Higgins to watch Mack while his dad is in prison. Kumu hears it and convinces Higgins to babysit.

TC and Magnum are at a boxing gym asking questions. TC has to box someone in order for Magnum to talk with Wade who explains that Mason cost him a failed drug test.

Wade doesn't like Magnum's questioning and starts fighting him. When they leave, Magnum calls him with information about Wade. Katsumoto tells Magnum they found the murder weapon.

Higgins is playing chess with Mack and they have a talk about his father and about Magnum being a white knight.

Magnum and TC talk more about Hani. TC still isn't convinced Hani is guilty.

Magnum visits the medical examiner to ask about Dr. Mason. Mason's wife shows up with her mother.

TC and Magnum head to Mason's hotel room and find a tape in the answering machine which they take. A woman shows up, grabs her suitcase and leaves the hotel.

Rick shows up with a recorder to play the tape back which seems to implicate Wade. Hani is on there too. He owes money to Mason.

TC admits that his father went to jail. Rick and Magnum are shocked. This is why TC is so adamant that Hani is innocent. Magnum takes the tape to Katsumoto.

TC is pissed when he finds out Magnum turned over the tape and tells him their friendship is over.

Magnum is upset about what TC said to him. Rick wants him to fix it because it's hard on him. Magnum still thinks Hani is guilty.

The medical examiner calls Magnum to give him some more information about the murder.

Magnum visits Hani in jail to ask him questions about his involvement with Mason and Hani spills the beans about how Mason hired him to protect him. It's revealed that Hani was taking steroids.

Magnum suspects the mysterious woman from the hotel. Her name was Daisy. They were having an affair.

Mack is teaching Higgins about football strategy. Child welfare shows up at the gate. Kumu tries to convince them that she made the call. Higgins won't let them in. 

Mack takes off when he sees child welfare. Kumu and Higgins take chase.

Magnum shows up at Daisy's house. Wade has tied up Daisy. Magnum and Wade fight.

It turns out that Daisy is Mason's steroid supplier. She wasn't having an affair with Mason.

Higgins finds Mack in a park. Mack is afraid but Higgins reassures him that Magnum will take care of things.

Magnum goes to TC to apologize and tells him he needs TC's help. They visit Mason's wife and then take evidence to Katsumoto.

TC entertains Katsumoto while Magnum talks to Brooke and gets a confession. Katsumoto hears it all.

Hani is reunited with his son. And there's a look between Higgins and Magnum that is unbelievable. She knew he'd come through.

Higgins goes in and TC and Magnum make up.

Everyone is at the football game. All's well that ends well.


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Magnum P.I. Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Vanessa: I don't know if you noticed, but your boy in there wasn't being entirely honest.
Magnum: I thought you weren't listening?
Vanessa: I read body language fluently. He's going to need a really good defense. Make sure you give him my card, doll.

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