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Higgins is driving Magnum around because the Ferrari is in the shop.

They make a stop to take pictures of a guy cheating on his wife but he gets caught and the guy comes out shooting.

Magnum is back in the red Ferrari. He meets with a client and he's stuck outside the gates because Higgins' changed the code for security reasons.

Sawyer goes into Magnum's place to talk business. He was friends with Sebastian. His big tuna was stolen and he wants Magnum to find it. He can't afford to pay him right now but will pay him when he sells the fish. He's looking for help because he's a vet too.

Flashback to army time. Magnum is full bearded and shaving and there's the stache. He tries it out and decides it's not for him and goes clean shaven.

Nuzzo comes in to talk to him about the press conference from escaping from their captors. Magnum doesn't want to go home. Neither does Nuzzo and he suggests they don't go back home.

Magnum talks to Rick about the case and they visit a restaurant -- Kenny, the owner to find information about the tuna.

Magnum continues his investigation. He gets a name from another guy and goes to check it out, breaking into the person's house and finds the fish in a freezer but he gets a gun pulled on him.

Twist: the guy won't let Magnum take the fish because someone took his family and it's the only thing that will save them.

Magnum tells Rick and TC what's going on. There's going to be a drop for the family.

The team meets the kidnappers and gets the tuna fish stealer's family to safety. TC and Magnum have the big tuna. Rick is hiding in a sniper position but gets busted by one of the bad guys. He ends up taking him down while TC and Magnum are on their knees by the other kidnappers. Rick calls and they're released and the bad guys take off with the fish. Magnum and friends take chase. They find the fish but there was something hiding inside it.

The dogs are going crazy and Higgins gets them in order. She goes to Magnum's place and finds the three with the fish. It wasn't drugs in the fish. TC guesses it was diamonds.

Higgins joins the investigation and relays an experience she had about something being smuggled in a fish -- a flash drive. Sawyer arrives to give more information.

Magnum asks Higgins for a favor and she pushes him off but then she relents. He wants her to go to dinner with him to check out the restaurant and have her hack computers. She gives him a hard time.She wants to know why he does what he does and he explains it, truthfully. And, of course, she agrees to go out with him.

Magnum and Higgins are on their way to the restaurant and talk about the case on the way. They arrive at the restaurant and Magnum puts a bug int he restaurant's computer.

Magnum and Higgins make a good team. They are sorting of mixing business and pleasure, trying to get information but sharing personal information.

Magnum said it was his birthday and they bring out a cake for him.

Apparently, the guy behind the fish is a terrorist. Higgins wants to call the FBI, Magnum wants to keep an eye on the guy. They find and follow him but then tables are turned and they are held at gunpoint by the guy and his men.

Higgins can speak in Arabic. She gives the guy some info. Magnum and Higgins get into a fake argument and Higgins starts kicking some ass in the car as they try to escape. The car crashes but Higgins and Magnum are okay. He goes after Samal and ties him up.

Higgins was right it was a flash drive.

Magnum talks to the FBI. Sawyer pays Magnum.

Sawyer hires back the original thief. Magnum is impressed.

Magnum is getting his car washed at a little league car wash and enjoying the tuna Dan gave him with Rick and TC.

He flashes back to Nuzzo talking to him about not going back home and how Nuzzo was the one who came up with the idea of them all moving somewhere warm together.











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Thomas, no offense, but if there's going to be trouble, I'd like to know the plan, too.


Fishing's like the ocean. There are waves.