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Magnum jumps from a spaceship to the tune of AC/DC's "Thunderstuck" and lands in North Korea. He arrives at the home of a woman and finds a doctor he's taking home. The guy has a wife and child that he wants to take with. Meanwhile, the NK army arrives at the house and Magnum decides they're all leaving. He escapes in a car and a chase ensues. Rick and TC are on the mission too...picking him and his friends up. Magnum gets rid of the NK tail with some awesome car moves.

They're at Robin Masters' estate reminiscing. Magnum introduces us via voiceover to his main cast. Sebastian, TC and Rick. They're talking about Robin's book. The whole previous scene was embellished by Robin.

Higgins shows up with Zeus and Apollo to ask why Magnum got them muzzles. 

Magnum has a visitor, Emily, at the front gate. She's a client. It's a divorce case.

He gives a backstory about how he got involved with Robin Masters...he was a journalist embedded in their Afghanistan missions. That's how they met.

Higgins is doing yoga when Zeus and Apollo start chasing after Magnum, but they left him a present at his door which he stepped in.

Magnum gets a call from Sebastian about a case. On the way, he tells a story of how they were all POWs. When he gets there, there's an ambulance. Sebastian is being taken by bad guys. Another shootout. Ferrari destroyed. Magnum can't save Sebastian.

Magnum is talking to Sebastian's wife about what happened. The Hawaii Lieutenant Katsumoto shows up. he wants Magnum off the case so he can process it. Magnum leaves.

He goes back to the estate to get another car and tells Higgins what's going on. He takes the classic Magnum Ferrari. Rick calls with some information about the location of one of the bad guys.

When he gets there Rick and TC shows up. TC gets a tire iron as a weapon.

When they open the ambulance, they find Sebastian dead.

Kasumoto shows up at the scene. He tells Magnum he might be able to help solve the case and asks some questions.

Sebastian was reaching out to Navy intel so magnum visits the Commander to see what's happening. They don't like to each other. He tells a story about Sebastian saving his life. Flashback to the story.

Higgins is with Sebastian's wife and they talk about her history. Lara, the wife, is staying at Robin's place. Higgins wants to help in the case. He agrees to let her help.

Magnum goes to the medical examiner's office to ask questions. He wants to know if the guys who killed him were ex-millitary so she goes back to examine the body.

Higgins is at Sebastian's place looking in his computer when some guys show up who are bad news, but she takes care of business. They end up taking off, but she was shot and on her way to the hospital. She calls Magnum to tell him what's going on.

Hahaha. Magnum's screensaver is Zeus and Apollo attacking him.

Medical examiner comes back and tells Magnum that Sebastian was waterboarded. He gets back and asks Lara some questions.

Higgins takes Lara to get some food while Magnum questions the kid and he tells the kid a story about losing his dad at a young age. Magnum gives him the Detroit Tigers hat. Higgins is watching. She's in love.

Magnum gets accosted by the bad guys who start beating him up. They threaten Sebastian's wife and son then leave.

Magnum and rick are checking out a lead. Magnum scuba dives to a Navy wreck. Meanwhile, Rick is fooling around topside.

The boat has gold and Magnum brings a bar up. He goes back to the Commander to find out more information.

By the time Katsumoto gets to the wreck, the gold is gone. 

Magnum taps into Higgins for some help with spy stuff to try to find the bad guys. She wants to meet up with him...but he declines.

He calls on TC to start chasing the bad guys who are getting away before Magnum can get there.

Magnum does a badass move in the Ferrari that didn't work and the vintage Ferrari is destroyed, but his friends save him. The bad guys drive over the cliff.

Sebastian's story is over. They got the bad guys and all are now on their way to his funeral. He talks about the ring he wears and the pact they made in the POW camp. Higgins is there too.






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If you want something on the island, Rick is the man to see.


I guess we all go to America.