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Gus, an elderly man holding a shotgun, surprises two burglars, shooting and killing one. Magnum and Higgins are handling two clients separately. Gus and his daughter Kerry want Juliet to recover a valuable necklace that was stolen. Verna hires Thomas to find her son, who she hasn't seen for 36 years. She left because she has struggled with mental illness. Her son is T.C. Both Higgins and the detectives working the burglary case suspect it was an inside job. T.C. tells Thomas that he doesn't want to see his mother. The dead burglar's girlfriend informs Higgins that his partner was Nixon Naoa. Naoa makes Magnum and Higgins's tail and shoots out a tire. Rick pushes T.C. to talk with his mother for his own sake. Thomas and Juliet discover a dead high-end fence. Apparently, a deal for the necklace fell apart. T.C. meets with Verna. He forgives her but still doesn't have a place in his life for her now. Magnum and Higgins break into Naoa's house even though it's being watched by HPD. Kerry was a penpal with Naoa when he was imprisoned. Kerry says she hasn't been in touch with him for three years. Juliet explains to Katsumoto why Kerry is innocent. Childs determines that the stolen necklace was fake. Kerry let the insurance policy lapse because she knew the necklace was a fake. Kerry had sold the necklace to pay for an experimental treatment for her father. Kerry still has cash hidden around the house. Naoa shows up and pulls a gun on Kerry's brother Brett, his partner, looking for the remaining money. When the cops arrive, Naoa has Gus drive away as a diversion. Naoa tries to escape on foot but Magnum runs him down. Cade convinces T.C. to give Verna another chance at a relationship. 

Magnum P.I.
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Magnum P.I. Season 5 Episode 7 Quotes

Rick: I'm not going to miss "Spaghetti Western Wednesdays."
Cade: What's a spaghetti Western?
Juliet: It's a subgenre of American Western movies made in Europe in the '60s. And, for some reason, Magnum is a huge fan.

Higgins: Sorry, guys. You're going to have to handle this without me. My client's here.
T.C.: Oh, come on, Higgie. We need those guns.