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When an elderly couple is murdered in their homes, the team must track down a deadly predator who is now taking hostages. 

Two patrol officers and two SWAT enter a home after two elderly people were murdered. It was freaky scary.

When Sanchez questions the neighbor, he learns the couple had grandkids in the house. As the woman talked to them, she fainted. Sanchez calls it a double critical missing.

Fritz is on the case. Commander McGinnis is with the Special Operations Bureau and also on the case. Deputy City Attorney Gloria Lim joins the group and is a pain in the ass as well as an idiot.

The team spreads out and tries to find the kids. 

McGinnis asks Sharon about Fritz: Is he one of the good guys or a bureaucrat? 

Sanchez rushes an ice cream truck and deputizes the ice cream man, blocks the car, gives away ice cream and Sykes checks the trunk. The fiance is inside.

Why does the cat smell awful? Cats don't smell.

In the melee after Sanchez finds the car he gets shot.

Fritz enters the apartment where the kids might be held.

Fritz shoots the kids' father between the eyes while he's holding his girl to save them.


Major Crimes
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