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Hobbs is giving an opening statement. She is quoting the defendant saying that he accidentally killed his wife while drunk.  That confession was withdrawn and claims he doesn't remember anything. 

Jack Raydor is the defense attorney. Jack says that the defendant didn't exhibit maturity associated with being a husband and father, while looking at Sharon. He claims that the defendant was not the one who murdered his wife.

Hobbs says that Jack showed up at the last minute with this supposed evidence. Sharon thinks he's bluffing. Hobbs is annoyed he didn't tae a manslaughter plea.

The detectives listen to the 911 call.  Provenza says Jack had nothing. Sharon doesn't want to reopen the investigation because of her former marriage. Provenza will do it. 

There is a reenactment. Sanchez almost throws a dummy on Buzz.

ME evidence is that the victim died of blunt force trauma. There's evidence of her heartbeat getting weaker and weaker due to her FitBit.

Lisa fell face down when she fell off the railing. She was holding a suitcase. Sykes kicks the dummy and they see the physics work out.

Jack has a video that he says will lead to acquittal. Hobbs thinks he's a jerk.

The video shows the defendant was in a bar when Lisa was attacked. 

Rusty has an interview with Slider. Flynn thinks he's wasting his time. All he needs to know is the guy is a killer. Rusty is interested in the reasons. Sharon wants Rusty to give Andy a ride -- oh and don't ask Slider about Mariana's murder.

Judge Grove thinks the video is authentic and wonders how Hobbs will go forward with her case. Raydor argues that the state could have followed up on this for the past months. Raydor says the defense does not need more time. Grove gives them 24 hours to disprove the video's authenticity.

Lisa's family is angry that Song isn't going to be convicted. Also this would mean he would get custody of their daughter.

Tao says that it doesn't look like the time stamp was altered. They are trying to identify the bar. Buzz says it looks like there's a guy setting up a mic for karoke. Flynn says there was a fight party there so they need to check licenses. Also there is trivia on Thursday nights. The detectives identify a bar from these clues.

The bartender doesn't remember too much. He recognizes the girls in the video but doesn't know their names. It was someone's birthday tough because she had this huge drink given out on birthdays. Bartender offers to try to get credit card receipts. Hobbs thinks maybe Song is innocent. Sharon wonders why did he confess?

Flynn has a doctor's appointment that Provenza says is nothing to worry about.

The girl is identified. She didn't want to get involved. She said Song was making out with some lady who got upset and left, and then he tried to come onto her friend and was disgusting and obnoxious. She says this happened in February.

Seems Song was having an affair, because the girl he was with was no this wife.

Hobbs and Sharon realize that Jack wants to sue the city and LAPD for wrongful imprisonment.

Slider meets with Rusty. He will let him do an audio recording but no video. He doesn't want people to see him like that. He wants to know what Rusty wants. He never got anything from his lawyer. He wants to know what he gets out of it.  Rusty starts talking about his bio mom. Slider is not interested. All he has to say is he is innocent until proven guilty.

Chief Taylor accuses Jack of conspiracy because he sat on the evidence. Jack claims the video went to spam and he didn't see it until 2 weeks ago. He's so glad they found the witness. Hobbs tells him that he saw the video, as he rejected the deal. Sharon says Jack kept an innocent man locked up for 10 months. Jack says if they had done their jobs none of this would have happened.

Hobbs says the video is admissible. Sharon wants to know who killed Lisa Song.

Mary Lowe, Lisa's sister, was at the bar and has been ID'd as the woman making out with Ken Song. Sharon says to bring Mary in for a visit.

Flynn says he has a blood clot. He doesn't seem to know the details. He may need surgery in his carotid artery. He had to report to both Sharon and Provenza that he needs clearance to work and Patrice will stay with him at Sharon's when Sharon and Rusty are at work. He wants to keep his situation private except for telling her kids. She can't hug him because of his healing.

Hobbs and Sanchez question Mary. She claims she was trying to calm Ken down because he and Lisa had a fight. She knew Lisa would never leave him. She is shocked when Sanchez asks if she was having an affair with her sister's husband. Hobbs leaves the room. 

Mary claims she was not making out with Ken. She keeps insisting Ken was the murderer. She asks for a lawyer. Hobbs says they have very little time to prove conspiracy.

Flynn asks Rusty about the interview. Rusty is upset because he didn't get anywhere. He wonders if he should keep trying.  Flynn says the system doesn't do good by everyone. He says Rusty should give him written questions to see if he's seen them and if there's more to it than that.

Mary's lawyer claims she was trying to break up with Song. The video shows that because he was flirting with other women. He will only let her talk about Lisa's death, not the affair. Mary says she went to Lisa's after she left the bar. She starts to say that she didn't want her to leave him for her, but her lawyer stops her. She says she got scared and didn't ring the bell. Julio doesn't believe her. She heard the baby crying and it freaked her out. Chief Taylor tells them they have 15 minutes. Provenza says they can't get evidence of conspiracy in time. Sharon says the baby was there and asks Amy to come with her.

In court, Hobbs says that she is asking to dismiss charges and have Song released to LAPD. Jack says he should be released through sheriff's office. Grove tells him if he doesn't shut up he's going to investigate how he got this video at the last second.

Song asks Jack what video.

Sharon stops Lisa's mother who says it's too late for her help. Sharon says they are about to make an arrest. 

Mrs. Lowe is read her rights and is angry about it. Sharon says it's just a formality. Sykes tells her about the affair. She doesn't seem surprised. She admits she knew about the affair. Sharon asks was she babysitting at her house. But Sykes says the baby was crying at Lisa's house. Mrs. Lowe claims Mary was confused. But the bar receipt proves it. Mrs. Lowe says Mary was not at Lisa's.

Mrs. Lowe says she came there and Ken was being violent and she wanted to get Lisa and the baby away. She told Lisa to pack and she wasn't going to leave her there. But she wouldn't listen. She wanted to stay with Ken. Sharon and Sykes think Mrs. Lowe kicked Lisa over the rail by accident. 

Mrs. Lowe says she would never hurt Lisa on purpose and this was Ken's fault. She never fought with her before Ken. Sharon says she left her there bleeding and unconscious. Mrs. Lowe says Ken ruined her family. She needed to get rid of him. Lisa had to leave him. She had to save the baby.

Slider is annoyed and says he never saw the questions. He won't answer. Rusty asks him to read the questions. He can't do it. 

Jack is frustrated and impatient. Ken fires him for sitting on the evidence. He's going to sue Jack. Provenza is all sarcastic about his ingratitude. Sharon can't help gloating. He spills about Andy's health crisis to everyone (Emily told him) Sanchez and Taylor want to know what's going on.



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We won't ask for mercy. We won't ask for forgiveness. Just... justice.

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