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A reality TV show has two couples competing for a big prize. Looks like an action adventure show where they have to do things like archery and bungee jumping.

One of the couples has been in a very bad car accident. Sykes explains that the couples are dysfunctional marriages and had to drive in the same car, two steering wheels. The production crew is filming the ambulance.

Provenza calls all angry because he is 300 feet too high and surrounded by press. Flynn is calling him. Flynn is bored and watching Provenza on the news. He is supposed to tell Provenza Sharon is on her way but Provenza hangs up.

Slider's lawyer is on the way for Rusty as Sharon leaves. 

Tao doesn't think this is an accident. No seatbelt engagement and no airbag going off. He also finds a red bandana.

Sharon asks if husband jumped out before the crash. Julio thinks maybe. A producer tries to stop them from going to interview the witnesses. Other competitors are filming condolences. Sharon comes and clears the hallway. The producer won't move til Julio threatens to arrest him.

Sharon interviews the husband, Mr. Cochran. He asks if Nate sent them. Mr. Cochran says his wife was getting mad and she purposely steered the car towards the cliff. He jumped because his wife was trying to kill him. Another woman comes in and says Donna is dead. The cops try to get rid of her but to no avail. Woman kicks them out of the room. Julio says they will take Cochran downtown when he is released.

Host/producer says all footage is confiscated. Cochrans were popular because they were so dysfunctional and made them a hit show. He shows them a promo of them being mean to each other, including Donna making her husband fall during rock climbing. Julio informs them Chip has been released but he is gone. They see him in the parking lot getting in a car in crutches.

Flynn is asleep on the couch when Slider's lawyer comes in. Rusty wakes him up. Flynn doesn't like the lawyer. They exchange barbs.

The guy is in a hurry. Rusty tells him that Slider can't read. Rusty would like his lawyer to be there when he interviews Slider. He thinks Rusty is very young. He wants to know what Rusty's angle is. Rusty wants to know how Slider became a killer. He tells the lawyer he has footage of Slider's behavior towards him and Slider needs practice with social skills before he can take the stand.

Chip's sister turns out to be a publicist and Chip is a publicist. Tao says the car looks to be in proper shape, unless the inner computer was hacked or the car driven remotely. No memory cards in the onboard cameras

Mitzi tells Julio that Chip shouldn't have to answer questions from "celebrity crazed" cops. She says that Chip is on Mario Lopez dealing with his grief and pain. Sharon says to call the producers and have them hold him until Julio can arrest him. Mitzi is mouthing the words he's saying as he talks about a spinoff. Lopez has exclusive footage of the crash. Chip looks surprised. The cops are too. It shows Chip purposely steering the car over the edge.

Chip insists that's edited footage and he was exaggerating. Donna was jealous, always worrying he was having an affair. Julio thinks it's a coincidence Chip is a stunt man. Chip says they were going to get their own spinoff and thinks the cops don't get it. Chip says he has no motive. He needed Donna for a spinoff. Of course he can date now, but...

Tao and Sykes go over how the video matches up with the tire tracks. Turns out the Cochrans weren't steering at all at the end. Possibly hacked, in any case it was murder.

Buzz goes to see Flynn. He gives Flynn all three seasons of the show so he can look for clues to the murder.

Flynn is listening to the stupid show. Bobby says they listen to it in prison. He will allow Rusty to interview Slider if he gets an interview too about the death penalty. He won't comment as to whether Slider is a political cause for him?

Flynn is a bit obsessed with the show. He talks about a couple that seems nice and isn't, the one that was at the hospital. Colleen was flirting with Chip on camera, as well as another guy. Chip sabotaged the other guy because of it.  The other guy probably sabotaged their car.

Chip claims he wanted to be with Donna, not other women. He flirted with Colleen so audience would think he and Donna were breaking up. He didn't tell them about Colleen because he didn't want to be blamed for the murder. He doesn't believe he's not a suspect. He thinks it's a good cop bad cop trick. He won't listen to Julio yells at him. Sharon wonders what's up with Julio. Chip claims a guy called the Exterminator on Twitter hates them.

Chip acknowledges Colleen's strategy was to play the two guys against each other. 

Colleen claims the flirting was in the script. She and her husband say they get written guidance as to the drama they are supposed to be creating. She was told to flirt with Chip. Her husband is hesitant as he claims the flirtation was in the script. They have a story about Chip urinating on fire wood to sabotage someone.

Buzz gets proof the car was hacked, through the infotainment system. Anyone could have done it if they knew where the Cochrans were racing. Provenza is reassured that his 1999 Civic cannot be hacked.

Reggie Fluke, Chip's rival, is an IT guy and he own The Exterminator Twitter. His last tweet said "cockroaches" must be exterminated.

Slider is taken in cuffs to a room where Rusty is waiting. He is cuffed to the table and a cop tells Rusty not to approach or feed him. Slider is all cocky but doesn't want to look bad.

Sharon and Flynn watch Fluke's last scene. Flynn asks how Julio is. He explains that Julio's wife died in a similar accident. Sharon feels bad realizing that he was asked to watch the video of Donna's accident.

Fluke says the show was edited to make him look unlikeable. His lawyer says he is suing for breach of contract and can't talk about the show. The lawyer is one who advertises on bus benches in the Valley. Lawyer claims the Twitter posts are jokes that are protected speech. Tao says he hacked the car. Fluke denies doing it. Tao says they are analyzing the hack right now.  Fluke wants to give a hypothetical situation. Hobbs says there is no offer on the table.

Julio says the producers want to shoot interviews at the station. Provenza wants to get rid of them but Sharon thinks they will get useful info. Lawyer wants a written agreement. Hobbs goes to take care of it.

Colleen and her husband film at the station. Colleen gets upset that Reggie Fluke is there. Sharon tells the producer Reggie was involved in the murder. Cameramen start leaving. Provenza says cameramen can stay. They are given Miranda warnings to sign. Provenza says he's signing one too and makes it out like a formality. Colleen is super protective of her winnings. Sharon reveals that the producer has been fingered as the hacker. He wants the camera turned off. Buzz takes over recording. Julio accuses him and he tries to accuse the Dickerhoofs. Provenza says hack runs over a cell phone. Producer says he wasn't getting enough money and Cochrans ruined his vision of the show. He couldn't get out of this stupid show to produce a pilot about an autistic kid who solves murders. The producer is arrested.

Nate Owen (the producer) is convinced the jury will understand his position. Rusty says Slider's attitude changed when he was filmed. Flynn asks about Julio and she says she gave him a way to explain to himself.

Julio is talking to Chip about Dona's accident and how she never felt it when she died. She gives Chip the report. Chip says he was lucky. Julio if he was lucky Donna would be alive. Provenza asks him to help with paperwork. He tells him he was fistracted and knowing what was bothering him is a little better.


Major Crimes
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Major Crimes Season 4 Episode 13 Quotes

Kid: Do you mind staying back here?
Sharon: Yes we do mind.

Provenza: Flynn, you'd better be dying.
Flynn: I'm watching you on the news. You know you look better from behind than you do from the front.