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What looks like security footage is shown, of a car driving into a lot, a hooded woman getting out of the car and checking the lock, a trunk opening and there being bodies inside.... and hospital staff running towards it.

Provenza asks Buzz if they can make the video show the woman's face, but it's a no go.

Provenza asks if everyone has been ID'd. Sanchez says one victim is Neil Horowitz. He was an inhouse litigator for a diamond import company. Sanchez seems shaken. Second victim is a woman from Palo Alto, CFO for UV Solar, a huge power company. Next is Amish Patel, who is a musician (maybe?) who had a napkin from a nightclub with a phone number. Fourth victim is still in surgery, may or may not survive.

Provenza says they  need to find out what these people were doing together. He is going to visit the victim who is in surgery now. He asks Sykes to escort the victims to the morgue. He calls Sharon.

ME says victims shot by 45, close range. Killer was standing and victims seated.

Chief Taylor wants to know if they've found the crime scene yet. He orders them not to notify the families yet so that the media won't get involved. Flynn found two of the victim's cars near the hospital. ME finds "magic carpet" fibers on the victims.

Flynn notices drag marks at a rug store. The cops break in citing exigent circumstances. No one is there. Flynn finds blood under a carpet.

Tao is recreating crime scene for Sharon. Apparently the rug shop owner went to Morocco. Sharon tells everyone not to jump to conclusions.

Amy is asked to pretend to be the killer for this re-enactment. Sharon rearranges victims to match the trajectory of bullets. Shooter killed Prager then sprayed other victims with bullets.

Sharon says cellophane found at scene was from a new deck of cards. Apparently victims were playing poker.

Rusty is waiting at the courthouse for the judge. He has a new story. He wants to write a story about Slider, who is a defendant in the judge's court. Judge won't talk to him about it unless he gets a million approvals from DA's etc.

Sharon asks where Rusty saw Judge Grove. He tries to explain what happened but Flynn comes in with a garbage bag full of evidence. They found a bunch of bloody towels near the rug shop as well as poker chips and other gambling paraphenalia. And also seven uneaten steak dinners. Sharon thinks maybe they didn't wipe down the to go containers.

Julio asks for a Dr. Michael Foster while he is at the hospital cafeteria. Foster treated his wife. Prager's daughter interrupts and wants to know what's going on with her father. She used Find Your Phone to discover her father was at the hospital. She has no patience for Julio's questions. He does the notification. She begins to cry and asks if he is sure. She has contact info for Dan Willis, her father's driver.

Willis claims they can't drag him down there. He says that his car carpets got messed up last night. Sykes says Madame X gave Willis $20,000 to help out after the killing. The victims were betting $100,000 each in the game. 

Willis' son wants to see him. Provenza says no but Sharon seems to have an idea and approves it.

Willis is mad his son is there. His son wants to know what he did. Willis tells his son there were more players.  He asks his son for more insulin. He doesn't want an attorney. He wants a car moved. The cops kick Noah out. Sharon also tells them to make sure Anna stays with Julio

Provenza questions Willis. He says he canceled dinner with his son and ex-wife to drop Prager off at an illegal poker game. He was asked to order 7 dinners at 11 PM. Madame X asked for a receipt later.

Willis says it wouldn't make sense to do this and he took Prager to many illegal games.

Madame X is identified as Molly Pace, who has a vice record. Julio asks Anna about her.

Molly shares an account with Prager that Anna uses to find out when her dad is traveling. She is going to Mexico City.

Provenza stakes out the airport. He, Flynn and Tao follow Molly. Flynn approaches as she takes a bag out. She hits the gas while Flynn hangs onto her car, then stops suddenly, knocking him to the ground. He is unconscious. Molly is arrested.  Flynn wakes up and tells him not to tell Sharon, then faints again.

Sharon talks to Rusty. Rusty says that the Santa Monica paper is assigning him a non-story and he wants to do this. He wants Sharon to talk to Hobbs but she says she's not allowed to.

Provenza lies and tells Sharon Andy is fine. She looks upset and suspicious. She wants to know how Molly could expect to rob her own game and not be recognized. Plus she had $300,000 in her luggage.

Molly claims it is all a misunderstanding. Provenza says it is going to be hard to stay ahead of the media now.

Molly claims not to see the killer. She was in the bathroom. She says if she was going to rob the game she'd wait for them to be less players. The driver started yelling while she was in the bathroom and she didn't want to call 911 because the game was illegal. Dan Willis extorted $20,000 from her after the shooting started. She was fleeing the country because so many people were killed. She only told Willis because Prager couldn't drive. Otherwise she would not let him in on it. 

Molly says the fifth player left angry 15 minutes before the shooting. She wants to make a deal. She claims the money was from her savings. Julio threatens to call the IRS. She gives a name. Raymond Phan. He is a huge corporate donor to the police department.

Phan's attorney isn't happy that Phan was arrested when he came to the station.  Attorney refuses to comment on his presence on the game. Phan is advised not to talk when he wants to know who's still alive. It's pointed out that nobody told Phan that the shooting happened right after he left. A consent form for examining his firearm is offered. Phan says he is angry at Prager's incredible luck. The game was kept confidential. He tries to leave. Chief Taylor and Hobbs tell him he can't. He is arrested for illegal gambling when he refuses to talk further.

Hobbs says that Rusty is trying to humanize the defendant. He says maybe the defense can agree not to subpoena him and he can interview Slider's attorney. Hobbs agrees. She will run this by the defense. Flynn shows up with his bandage.

Sharon is worried about whether Flynn is healthy enough to be here. He can't take opiates .So he wants to arrest Molly before his pain returns. But the evidence is not conclusive enough for an arrest. Provenza says it makes no sense that she would take her victims to the hospital. There are no suspects not familiar to one or another of the victims.

Taylor says that they can begin notifications. Julio tells them that Prager has died. Anna is going to tell all her relatives. Sharon wants to try to convince her to wait so they can try to figure out the case. Flynn winces as he gets up. Sharon makes him sit down and stay in the office. She is going to have him sent home.

Sharon wakes Anna up. She asks if her father is awake. She then recognizes Noah. He doesn't seem to know who she is. Sharon asks if this is the first time they met. If she doesn't know him, how does she recognize him? All the detectives get up as she begins talking. Noah looks really nervous. He bolts. He is thrown down to the ground and arrested.

Provenza and Sharon confront Dan Willis about his son's involvement. They ask if Noah was told about the game when it was canceled. 

If Willis was involved in the robbery it's felony murder. But he can be freed if his son did it alone. Willis tries to confess to the murder but doesn't know the details. He can't answer where the money is. He cries that he told his son where he was going just in case. He had a mini stroke a few years ago so he always wants his son to know where he is in case of medical emergency. Meanwhile, Flynn collapses in Sharon's office.

Sharon takes care of Flynn in her apartment. She tells him he's not doing anything but breathing exercises. He objects that she should only be the boss at work. She fills him in that Noah was arrested and the money was found in his room. 

Flynn hopes Rusty doesn't resent him taking his bedroom. Sharon says that Rusty volunteered it.

 Rusty goes to the judge, who is surprised Hobbs agreed. Judge gives him three conditions. He must be informed of every conversation, must let the judge approve all posts. He has the right to censor interviews. Rusty must also apply to UCLA because his wife is a communications professor and she thinks Rusty is talented and should have a real journalism career. He suggests Rusty go to law school.

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