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We see someone in full uniform going down the hall of the police station. It turns out to be Buzz.

There is applause and  cake as he comes in. He is nervous but excited. Flynn is going to take him on his first tour as a reserve officer. Sharon gives him orders not to tease Buzz too much. Provenza runs in as they are leaving.


Flynn, Provenza and Buzz go together. Provenza sets off the siren while trying to start the car. It is all new technology and Provenza can't operate it. He presses a wrong button and turns the car off in the middle of traffic.

The guys get called to a domenstic disturbance at a hotel, which they don't expect to take long. Buzz tries to tell Provenza to be more polite to the hotel manager, and Provenza and Flynn don't appreciate him trying to teach them.

The disturbance is between an older man and older woman. Buzz tries to be polite and asks them to take deep breaths. The argument continues. Provenza and Flynn screaming at both of them and threatening to arrest them gets the argument to stop. Provenza explains that the couple must focus on hating the cops so they can stop hating each other. While Flynn and Provenza are comparing notes on domestic arguments, Buzz attends to a housekeeper who fainted. She starts going on in Spanish, clearly in a panic, and tells Buzz there's a body in the tub. They rush in to find a man drowned in a bathtub, and a ton of small bottles of booze. Flynn and Provenza think it's a suicide and joke around. 

Buzz calls the watch commander. He says there are suspicious circumstances, most notably that the name on the suicide note is the same as that of the arguing couple.

Raydor comes down and says Buzz made the right call. Flynn says the guy had a history of psych problems and suicide attempts. But Sanchez says that the whole block of rooms was reserved by the arguing couple for their daughter's wedding. In addition, Tao found epson salts. He finds that there was a struggle and that the hair dryer was put back on the counter after the victim was killed. Tao says the death scene was staged.

Raydor says to treat the crime as an accident for now so that they don't frighten the wedding guests and cause them to check out early.

Rusty is chatting online with someone who found a photo of Alice's housecleaning service and has found her cell phone number. Sharon tells him that hypothetically he can access her messages via the cell number, but if he has the phone he can open it using the thumb print on the body. Rusty says the phone was destroyed but Sharon asks Buzz to meet her at the morgue. Rusty discovers that Alice's voicemail is full.


At the morgue, the ME says that someone poured alcohol down the victim's throat after he died. He was wide awake when he was drowned, and he had been shocked by the hair dryer. Buzz brings Raydor the phone and she wants to try to use the body to open the thumb print. She wants to use the defilbarator to get electricity running through the body and open the phone. It works. They discover a bunch of voice messages saying that the victim ruined everything. The bride also left a lot of messages where she was crying hysterically. Raydor says they must interview all these people but make it seem its an accident, not a murder. Flynn is mad at Buzz because they might miss tomorrow's Dodgers game.

They interview the couple that was arguing last night and they think he killed himself and that he was selfish. The bride and her fiancee didn't like the victim. He apparently didn't want the bride and groom to marry. The mother explains that the wedding would have been a good business move for her family, as both families owned important companies.

They watch a video of the song the victim wrote. He sang it for the bride, groom and guests, and the bride seems to have been furious. It seems that he wrote it as a love song to the bride. It also is awful and off-key. The team makes faces as they watch it. At the end of the song, the bride grabbed the ukelele from the victim and hit it against a rock.

Raydor wants the bride interviewed. She also tells Buzz she's glad he came to her with this.

At the hotel, the mother is hysterical because the bride won't open her door. The cops are going to break it down but the father decides to open the door so that he won't spend any more money. The bride has run away.

Rusty comes in and wants to know what Sanchez is doing. He wants technical advice on breaking into voicemail. Sharon said he could ask.

Tao tells him there are 10,000 combinations and it can take about 6 months to find. However 20% of people use the same numbers. 

The Sloans are arguing again over who's fault it was, and Sykes calls to update Raydor. She wants Sykes to search the hotel room while Sanchez canvasses the neighborhood for their daughter. The mother tries to call the bride on her cell phone and they dsicover the phone is in the room. It is in the mini fridge. The passcode is 1234.

The sister of the bride accuses the housekeeper of stealing her prescriptions. She has prescriptions for a bunch of psychiatric drugs. She thinks the bride might have taken them. Buzz thinks the murder victim was drugged. Provenza takes credit. He and Flynn argue about whether Flynn is dragging everyone on his date.

The groom said that the last call from the bride was telling him the wedding was off. He is upset about what might have happened to Lisa. Buzz discovers he has a black eye . He is brought in for questioning.

The groom does not want to say he does not want to answer questions. He eventually tells them that Lisa hit him and that it's not like her--she rarely hits him. He says she's been nuts about getting into her dress and hasn't been eating.

Sanchez interrupts to say that they found the bride. She won't come in for the interview unless she has a full meal, including hero sandwiches and side dishes.

Hobbs says they have nothing to arrest the bride with, but they can hold her while investigating further. 

Rusty gets locked out of the voicemail. He IMs someone who wishes they could help. He asks for a security question and agrees to meet with someone tomorrow.

The bride says she killed Danny. She says he loved being high. He had his own drugs and he planned to kill himself if she didn't run off with him, but she didn't want to, so he killed himself. Flynn makes a call offering to donate the Dodgers tickets to foster kids.

The bride had no idea Danny was murdered. She ran away because she was starving. She is shocked that her groom, Brad, could have done this, since he didn't fight back when she punched him.

Flynn wants to give the bride and groom privacy. He advises Brad to try to save his marriage, while Provenza advises him to say whatever he wants.

The detectives leave the bride and groom alone. They bond over feeling bad over getting ready for the wedding. Brad encourages Lisa to be completely truthful. Lisa tells him she slept with Danny their last year in college. Brad says he did too. He wants to talk about their future. Lisa says she forgot about how great their brand could be. 

Lisa called her father the night before, and he burst into the room yelling that she was going to destroy a huge merger. Brad doesn't like the way Lisa's father treats her.

Mr. Sloan says he has a key to every room and he doesn't understand why the cops read everyone their rights. Raydor says Danny was killed, and Sloan thought he committed suicide. Lisa's sister thinks it was Lisa, and the mother disagrees.

They want to look at Sloan's wrists using UV lights. They find Epsom salt on his wrist. Buzz gets it on video.

Sloan doesn't want to delay things because the wedding guests will be here soon. He begins talking about tough calls he had to make and that he might have made some mistakes. He doesn't want the bride and groom punished and will give details after the wedding,. Raydor wants to know if Sloan intended to murder Danny. He was going to drug him and take him to their home until after the wedding so he'd be out of the way. He says he ran out of options when Danny wasn't knocked out by the drugs. He doesn't remember killing him. Hobbs says Sloan can attend the wedding and dance with his daughter prior to his arrest, as long as he doesn't try to get away and has police escorts.

Raydor tells Buzz they are not going to miss the game.

The gang watches the game on TV at Sharon's. Rusty gets info about Alice's security question and answer on his computer. Provenza is polishing his uniform because he texted Patrice and she wants to see him in it. 

The group runs to the roof to see the fireworks. Rusty says he'll be right there. He asks Buzz what Paloma means. It means Dove in Spanish. Rusty realies he cracked the passcode.

Provenza gives Buzz a high mark but room for improvement, especially in keeping his mouth shut.

Rusty tries the passcode he's figured out. He's in! He is near tears as he watches the fireworks on TV


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