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Rusty is looking through the window, along with Sharon, as "Alice's" body is wheeled in. Rusty and Gustav walk in together. Gustav sees his sister's body and ID's it as Mariana. Gustav grieves, saying he is sorry he left her and she was a good kid.

The ME asks if Gustav is her next of kin. Sharon confirms. Gustav says they moved to Baltimore when she was 6. The ME asks where to cremate or bury the body. Gustav asks for a minute alone with her. ME won't let him. He has to wait til she's in a funeral home.

Sharon gets a call from Provenza. Tao has a viral video. It's of a half-naked guy wandering down the street. He has a gun and is bleeding from his back. Cops order him to drop his weapon. He collapses in the street.

Provenza shows up and asks what Sykes can tell him. Youtube video of this guy contains comments complaining LAPD didn't do enough to help. Buzz is annoyed since the guy was armed.

Flynn wonders if it was a suicide. Guy had a record for fraud and other crimes. Bloody clothes found in a local motel but nobody staying there matches the guy's name, which is John Price. Lots of fake names at this motel, too.

Flynn and Skyes check out the motel along with Sanchez. Blood on the door, possibly scene of a party. Sanchez says guy was attacked on bed, where there's a ton of blood. Provenza wonders how the guy got out of the motel and to the street. The only lead is Max the Plumber, who was seen with the guy and is missing. Brand new sheets in the trash, and another brand new sheet on the bed. Blood stains on the mattress.

Max the Plumber has been found, not reported missing by family, no criminal record.

Flynn says Price did not have a vehicle in his name. Price's last words were "I love my wife" but was he using a prostitute before his death? Sharon wonders how he got the gun if he was shot himself.

ME says guy bled out after being stabbed by a screwdriver. Maybe from Max the Plumber's tool kit.

Rusty asks how Gustav can be a witness if he wasn't there. Sharon says Hobbs needs him to ID Mariana. If Gustav cooperates they will help him find his other sister Paloma Wallace.  But Gustav won't do anything unless Hobbs agrees the department pays for the funeral.

Flynn says Gustav can stay overnight with him. Hobbs says okay but he cannot pay for the funeral. Hobbs then asks about the screwdriver murder.

Max is not answering the phone and is MIA. Price has been divorced for two years from Gretchen. But he uses his ex's address and her cars. Neither Max nor Gretchen owned the gun--it belonged to an Eric Schumer who has been missing for 9 months.

Sanchez talks to Max's wife. She thinks he's working a job at the motel. She says he left his cell phone at home this morning.  Sanchez gives her their card in case Max returns.

Sharon interviews Gretchen. She says the vehicle was given to Price in the divorce but he was lazy and didn't change the registration or his driver's license. Gretchen has no love left for Price but thought he was handsome when she met him.

Sykes is staking out Max's house and follows his wife when she leaves.

Sharon asks if Price used prostitutes. Gretchen says it was a compulsion. She doesn't know why he married her. She wants to know what's up with the questions. Sharon tells her that Price was murdered. She gives her a picture of Max. She looks upset and says she doesn't recognize Max. Flynn refuses to give her details of the crime. Sharon tells her that Price's last words were I love my wife. Gretchen gets angry and calls Price a liar.

Max's wife goes to the motel. She is on her phone, texting. She goes to John's car in the parking lot and yells at it, "ARE YOU IN THERE?" She breaks the back window with a rock.  As she is arrested, Tao looks in the trunk and finds Max's body.

Rusty is eating when Sharon comes in. Rusty asks her what happens to Mariana/Alice if Gustav can't bury her. Sharon says she will be cremated with other Jane Does. It's out of their hands. Gustav has to explain why Mariana ran off before anything else can happen. Sharon tells Rusty to show Gustav his work on this case.

Max's wife said Max had an affair a year ago. She decided to trust him again. But she had GPS on his keys. She went to the motel to try to catch him in the act. She gets very angry as she explains this. Meanwhile Buzz tries to explain why it's not GPS, it's Bluetooth, but realizes Provenza cannot follow this technical distinction.

Max's wife doesn't think her husband was into men.

Tao has a lot of stuff he found in Price's car, including a number/password on the back of a card. He also has a lot of repair stuff in his car and receipts and bags from fast food. 87 receipts belong to a food truck that he ate at almost every day. Tao tracked stops on the truck's route to get an idea of where Price may lived. Sharon orders a search of that area for something with an access code.

The ME says Riley was also killed by a screwdriver but his spinal cord was severed and he was killed immediately. Maybe that's why Price was left to move around--the killer thought he was dead/paralyzed too.

Buzz finds a scrap metal place with a gate and keypad. The access code works. 

In the scrap metal place, they find a trailer. Tao opens it and finds a photo of Gretchen among other things. They also find a bunch of bedsheets. They open a locked ice cooler and find two more bodies hidden behind the bags of ice.

Gustav wants to find Paloma, especially if nobody will bury Mariana. He doesn't understand what difference it makes why Mariana ran from him. He wants to find Paloma, because he wants custody of her to create a new life. Flynn will talk to the DA.

Price had a video of the two bodies. Provenza says Price is the killer, except now he's also a victim. One of the victims was Eric Shuman, the owner of the gun. The other is Paul Donohue, a painter who was last seen at a cheap motel. They were stabbed with the screwdriver as well. 

Sykes does a search and finds a guy who was attacked similarly with a screwdriver and survived. The guy, Douglas Martin, is a construction worker. He claims he was attacked by a homeless guy. Sanchez asks why the guy was in the motel parking lot. He claims his in-laws were staying there. 

Sanchez asks about Martin's work history. He painted buildings for Price's ex-wife.

Martin doesn't want his wife to know about this. Provenza promises confidentiality. Martin says he had an affair with Gretchen. Eventually she asked if he loved her. He said no and she suddenly tried to stab him and accused him of lying to her. He then made up the story about the homeless guy so that his wife wouldn't find out. Plus Gretchen's family threatened to have him arrested for rape if he told.

Gretchen is called back in, supposedly to record the ID of her husband's body. She doesn't want to get the body. They get her to sign a Miranda warning that they claim is "standard."

They show her Max's body. She looks upset as Provenza comes in with another body

Gretchen is surrounded by all the men she killed. They ask her if she can ID them. As the camera rolls she claims John Price hated her and that he framed her for the other murders. Sanchez asks why she killed him. Sharon asks if Price was blackmailing Greatchen. She tries to attack Buzz. She claims all the dead men raped her and it's not murder if they were raping her. She is arrested for 1st degree murder and insists that it was self-defense.

Tao says they have DNA evidence on Gretchen.

Hobbs says no deal for Gretchen. She goes to talk to Flynn about Gustav. Provenza asks Buzz to show him Youtube.

Flynn says the word "official" is the problem with Gustav's request. An official investigation would require Paloma to be returned to her parents. Gustav gets upset. Mariana ran away because she was afraid he was going to take her back to the parents, and she ended up dead. He can't do that to Paloma. Hobbs says that they will investigate and Paloma will probably end up in foster care. Flynn says he will unofficially find Paloma so none of this will happen. Rusty tells him that he found HIM unofficially. Flynn promises he will do everything he can to find Paloma. Gustav asks for Mariana's burial. Hobbs tells him if he cooperates they'll consider it.

Rusty warns Flynn that if he's going to be around Sharon, he'd better keep this promise. Flynn says he's going to do it but he won't be held responsible for the outcome.


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I guess social media is running us now the way the press used to.


Yes. This is Mariana. She's older. Almost grownup.