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Provenza comes to the Greek Theatre to see a victim. Provenza complains about the last time he was here to work security for a rock concert in the 1980s before meeting Julio and Mike to see a victim with a smashed in head. The manager thinks maybe the guy had heart failure and fell down the steps. Provenza says no, his head was pounded in. 

Flynn interrupts about his realtor finding a buyer for his house. 

The manager doesn't want to hear about murder. His show needs to go on. 

The theatre is a public venue where people exercise when there is no show going on.

The thumb on the right hand is not bloody and maybe was used to unlock his phone.

The victim was a divorce lawyer. He seems to have had a perfect life, happy marriage, lots of money, etc. Provenza thinks it's always the wife and she should be interviewed. But she has been away at a retreat for couples, as she is a marriage counselor. Buzz says the phone was last pinged 2 1/2 miles from the crime scene.

Cushing had a restraining order against a celebrity named Joey Bowie.

Joey Bowie is an Australian who opened a meat restaurant as a backlash against veganism.  Sharon asks about the restraining order which Bowie claims not to know about. Bowie says it wasn't fair that he hit his wife just once and lost everything. Bowie says he was following a prostitute last night who Cushing hired. He wanted to give the photos to Mrs. Cushing to get revenge against Cushing.  He is glad Cushing is dead. The cops demand consent to search his phone.

Bowie has an alibi of being at the Farmers Market and lots of purchases to prove it.

Provenza reiterates that it's always the wife. Flynn will check them out when they return tomorrow. Buzz is put on checking out surveillance video

A social worker tells Julio that there is an 8-year-old with behavioral problems who could stay with him temporarily. If Julio agrees his foster application will go to the top of the list.

Rusty and Buzz look at partials from other ATM robberies. Buzz is hoping to find a whole print by comparing the partials at his family's murder with them. They find something! Buzz makes Rusty stop filming. Buzz says he has to check security footage. He doesn't want to go to the prison yet. He tells Rusty to let him think about it.. He laves and Rusty takes a picture/video without permission.

Tao is also looking at security footage, of the hotel where Cushing went with hi prostitute. The prostitute leaves. Buzz zooms in on a license plate. The car is registered to an Eric Hayes.

Eric is questioned and says it is not exactly his car. He won't give info. Eric is on a financial needs scholarship -- where is the money coming from? He says his girlfriend's parents are paying for everything. The girlfriend has a website that generates cash. Provenza says prostitution is a crime and so is profiting from it, aka pimping/human trafficking. Eric says its the 21st century and it's just sex. Once or twice a month he joins in too. They don't sell anything; people give them money if they want to. Sharon says she wants Mike to go undercover. The girl's real name is Bree Miller.

Bree meets Tao and admits she is too young to drink and comes on to him. They go up to her room. Sykes is watching. 

The woman charges $600/hour and swipes the card on her phone. Provenza is shocked. Bree starts to undress after the payment goes through. The charge goes to an account labeled University Contributions.

Provenza is sickened. The cops come and Bree insists she wasn't having sex. She is arrested.

The social worker comes. The kid doesn't like Mexicans.

Rusty tells Sharon that he doesn't understand why Buzz won't go to the prison or let Rusty put it on his blog. Sharon says that's a bad idea and Rusty should have listened to Buzz and stopped filming. Sharon tells Rusty she wants him to delete the video RIGHT NOW.

Provenza asks Julio how it went. Mark hates Mexicans and is nocturnal and kept getting out of bed and watching TV. Mark called immigration on Julio when he wouldn't let him watch TV.

Bree is on her way up after a night in holding. She was getting about $1800 a week from her "business." Bree asks why they are asking about Bobby (Cushing). They show her the photo of his death. She's very upset. She says he was tame. It was just sex, just a transaction. 

Provenza says the problem is that Bree and Eric are both criminals. Bree says Bobby's wife was abusive towards him. 

Dr. Cushing comes in and says she offered to handle the bills. She saw the payments. She considered it an unforgiveable betrayal. Her daughter didn't know about it and never will. She asks if he was murdered by a hooker. Sharon asks if her daughter knew she was transferring money to Panama. Dr. Cushing doesn't want Megan to know her father was murdered by a hooker. But Bree comes out and hugs Megan. Bree and Megan are childhood friends. Sharon won't explain as she leaves the room. Sharon whispers something to Provenza.

Mark starts saying racist things and shuts up when Julio threatens to cuff him. He steals a remote but gives it back. Rusty sits with him. Mark wants to watch Spongebob and Rusty points out that SPongebob is not white.

Bree cries that Bobby is generous and kind and this is a misunderstanding. She does not clarify. Meanwhile Flynn sells his house.

Tao finds that Bree's father was in the hotel.

The father comes to the station and demands to see his daughter. He doesn't want any explanations. Provenza asks about the hotel. They show him the surveillance video. The father says Cushing was having sex with his daughter. He saw Bree's phone and knew she was meeting Bobby for sex. He says Bobby had been grooming her for years to do this. He is shocked that Bree charged Bobby for sex. The father is informed that Bree charges $600/hour for sex. He doesn't believe it.  

Mr. Miller thought he was protecting his daughter. Provenza says they will not charge Bree if Miller makes a full confession to the murder in writing ,

The lawyer thinks Bree's father was tricked. Bree just wants to leave.

Buzz tells Sharon about Hecht and has started a removal order. Rusty listens from the other room while Mark spins around.

The social worker comes back and tells Julio that Mark's mother was murdered.





Major Crimes
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Major Crimes Season 5 Episode 9 Quotes

Alfredo. You do not tell the LAPD to hurry up.


Guy: Welcome to the world-famous Greek Theatre.
Provenza: Well, I'm Lieutenant Provenza of the world-famous LAPD. I'm here to see the victim.