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Footage of a teenage/young adult girl who is apparently taking some sort of video. Looks like home movies or a wedding prep video. She keeps telling someone off camera to stop but is laughing about it.

The girl, Amanda Pond, is apparently missing. Someone is handing out flyers.

Someone watches Provenza in the crowd of searchers. He looks even grumpier than usual. A guy fills him in that Amanda has been missing less than 48 hours. Local police didn't take the report seriously because Amanda ran away before. Amanda is 16 and is dating a graduating senior, Gabe. Her parents don't approve of this relationship and think Gabe is too old for her. Boyfriend is supposed to be in Joshua Tree this weekend camping with friends.

A woman, Jane Wolf, complains that the police are late as usual. Amanda volunteered with her and her organization has been searching for her since Friday. They found Amanda's purse and belongings in a dumpster, including a cell phone with battery removed. 

Flynn doesn't think what Amanda was doing was very safe. She was giving hygiene packets out to homeless men when she disappeared, as evidenced by her broken badge.  Jane says that Amanda was supposed to work in a team with Gabe but they had a fight over him missing her birthday to go camping. Two other guys were with them and they talk to the cops. They have a video of Amanda giving a homeless guy the packet then fighting with Gabe. She told him not to drive her anywhere and he called her a little girl. The other kid stopped filming when he realized it was personal.

The cops take the phones and Provenza overrides Jane Wolf who insists the parents did nothing wrong to talk to them. The mother is upset. Father is angry at Gabe and says he's 18 so if they had sex it's rape. He says Amanda hated them because they were 1%-ers and he was disgusted that she was helping the homeless. Mother wonders if a homeless person hurt her. For the first time in their lives, her parents hope she's with Gabe.

Tao has set up a station to look at Amanda's Facebook over monitors. The presence of the monitors interrupts Provenza's conversation with Buzz about opening a cold case from 30 years ago and the look of overwhelm on his face is something else. 

Flynn wants to get dinner later and talk to Sharon about something. Meanwhile, Sanchez  interviews a homeless guy who spouts a lot of sea-admiral talk and says Amanda invited him to stay at her house many times but it was indefensible by land. Meanwhile, it turns out Gabe is not at the camp site. His friends have his phone and are texting Amanda for him while he went off to party in Mexico. Sharon wants the FBI alerted.

Flynn is considering selling his house so he can be closer to Sharon and his family.  Their conversation is interrupted by the presence of a depressed looking Rusty. He and Gus had a fight because he didn't want Gus to hold his hand in public. Gus was offended and walked off and won't return Rusty's texts.

Sharon thinks that this is even worse for Rusty. He rants that everything is wrong then feels bad about interrupting Sharon and Flynn's date and goes away. Sharon wonders where Amanda went when she walked off from Gabe.

Amanda has not turned up in Mexico. Gabe and his friends have been arrested. He had Adderall in his system.

Buzz asks Tao to look through the book on his father and uncle's murders. Something may be missing.

Provenza and Sanchez interview Gabe, who says he has no idea where Amanda is. He bailed and went to Mexico and has witnesses so why is everyone bothering him? Sanchez points out all the circumstantial evidence against Gabe. They are tough on Gabe and don't let him call them "dude." They ask if Gabe buried Amanda's body in Mexico. He pukes. Sharon doesn't think it's a stalling tactic.

Gabe tells the detectives that the Admiral was one of the homeless dudes who stayed at Amanda's. They warn him that they can check with her parents. Outside, Sharon says that the parents never mentioned anything like that. Gabe says the homeless people stayed at a second house owned by the Ponds. Gabe doesn't know the address but he knows how to get there.

The house in question is a rental property that is supposed to be vacant. They are about to search when a guy coming down the street with groceries turns and runs away.. Buzz is asked to film the search of the house while Sykes and Oderno go after the guy. The people in the house look pretty stoned. Meanwhile the obligatory foot chase results in the suspect being run over after Oderno pulls Sykes out of the way of an oncoming car.

Amanda is found under some boards on the side of the house. She is non-responsive -- possibly dead.

Sharon talks to an upset Rusty on the phone on the way to the crime scene. Rusty says if Gus checked into the hotel by himself he's done. Sharon thinks Gus might have gone home. Rusty doesn't want to go to his apartment. It might be stalking. Sharon hangs up so she can deal with the homeless guys who were arrested at the house, one of whom leers at her while she's talking to Rusty.

Amanda let three guys stay in the house. One is the one who got hit by a car and is in the hospital, one is too high to be coherent, and the third is freaking out. 

Amanda was killed elsewhere and moved here. It wasn't the homeless guys because they were all at work arranged by Care First.

Her body had a hole in the neck. She was apparently strangled and someone tried to revive her and was not successful.

Sharon thinks Amanda's mother is a person of interest as she is a doctor. Provenza thinks everything points to Gabe. But does he know how to do emergency surgery? Flynn thinks it's the parents, especially since they were trying to convince them that Gabe was no good. The runner was scared because he had passed a worthless check for $90.

Mike looks at the toys found in the crawl space. He got a print off the Game Boy for an ex-con named Ethan Yum who had passed through Care First. He also was a lifeguard and knew emergency medicine.  Sharon says they must not fight with Ethan as it will taint the evidence.

Rusty is looking on his computer at news stories when he gets an IM from Gus. Gus comes to the door. He's sorry he walked away instead of having the argument right then. Gus says Rusty wrote an awesome apology and he is just having a hard time with how freaked out Rusty is about being gay. Rusty insists he's not. He missed Gus too but doesn't want him to say he had feelings beyond that. Rusty doesn't want to wake Sharon to ask if Gus can stay over. He wants to go to Palm Springs. 

Tao tells Buzz that some crime scene and autopsy photos are missing but he doesn't need them to review the investigation. Buzz wants to reopen the case.

Ethan was arrested without incident but Jane Wolf filled the hall with volunteers. Sharon says if they get rid of them Jane will call the press. Ethan is sleazy and obnoxious, saying the foster kid he allegedly raped was a brat who he would have thrown away too if he didn't need the money. He claims the Game Boy came from one foster kid who fought with another over it.

Tao and Sharon confront the parents. They have put a battery in the Game Boy. High scores all belong to someone with initials  DTY.  The parents say they had taken in a foster kid and were going to adopt him but changed their mind when she got pregnant with Amanda. So they sent the kid away and forgot to give him his toys. They thought it would be cruel to send them on. Turns out the kid was Dawson Tucker -- possibly one of the other volunteers at the crime scene.

The parents come out and Tucker identifies himself to them. In the interrogation room Hobbs proposes that he confess and if it doesn't sound like manslaughter the statement can be withdrawn. Lawyer says it's all speculation. Tucker says Amanda wanted him to give her a ride to her boyfriend's and he took her home instead because how could she not want to be with her parents in that gorgeous house? They fought. He tried to save her but it was too late

Provenza comes in and announces when Tucker stops crying he will go to jail for 20 years for kidnapping and manslaughter. He finds Rusty in his chair. PRovenza insists Rusty doesn't have problems, not like Amanda. Buzz interrupts. He wants his crime scene photos back from his dad and uncle's murder book. Provenza doesn't think he really does. Buzz says he can handle it. He wants everyone to stop protecting him. Provenza gives him the photos.

Rusty tells Provenza he wants to do a story on a traumatic event in childhood and wants to do Buzz's story but Buzz won't cooperate. Provenza tells him to give Buzz a second and then go over there and talk to him.

Sanchez asks Sykes how long does it take to be a foster parent? Tao points out that Sanchez is single, male, has guns in the house and was required to do anger management. But Sanchez thinks he could do better than the people in this case.

Rusty asks Buzz how he would like his father to be remembered.

Sharon wants to discuss with Flynn alternatives to him selling his house (possibly moving in together?) after going to dinner. They hug. 








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So as always, when it comes to this part of the town, the police are very late.

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