On Major Crimes Season 6 Episode 13, the team works together one last time to end Stroh's reign of terror before saying goodbye to one another.

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On Major Crimes Season 6 Episode 13, the team races against time to catch and kill Stroh after he leaves a warning in blood that he is going to kill Rusty.

Chief Mason is skeptical of Provenza's plan to hack the hacker, but reluctantly endorses it since he doesn't have a better idea. The team finds Dylan, but not before he has fallen into Stroh's trap and thinks that he has seen his girlfriend be murdered before his eyes. After a gun battle, Dylan dies and Stroh tells the team they will next see him when he kills Rusty.

Rusty is determined to find Tammy Bechtel but she is not answering his calls. Meanwhile, Nolan proves that Rusty is not safe at the condo and Provenza takes him and Gus to the squad room to keep an eye on them.

Dylan has sent them info to catch Stroh that he decided he would send if he died or was otherwise double crossed. The team thus learns where Stroh is. Provenza loses control of his team, as both Flynn and Rusty insist on being involved against his orders.

Provenza finds Tammy's body but decides to keep it quiet. He goes to a nearby boat for the final confrontation with Stroh, but Rusty ends up shooting him. Provenza tells Rusty to go away so that he won't be implicated in this. Later Howard clears Provenza of any wrongdoing in the shooting.

Finally, Sanchez and Provenza make speeches that show where all the members of the unit are headed now and Sharon is clearly missed.

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Episode Details

On Major Crimes Season 6 Episode 13, as Lt. Tao is in a room with a potential bomb, the squad comes face-to-face for the very last time with Phillip Stroh.

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Major Crimes
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Major Crimes Season 6 Episode 13 Quotes

Rusty: I don’t care what the sign said in the doctor’s office. He’s not coming after me.
Howard: You really think if Stroh had the opportunity to kill you, he wouldn’t take it?
Rusty: I’m not his objective.

We need to double time it.We’re very close! [pause] And way way way too far behind.