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Dana and Peter begin to feel the pressure in regards to their sex life. They decide that after a dinner date, they will seal the deal. 

After being turned away from their first restaurant choice, they end up at another one, but they conveniently miss the C minus grade on the window.

On the way home, Peter begins to feel unwell but hides it from Dana. When they show up at Peter's apartment, Chloe and a friend are there. She points out that Peter looks unwell before leaving. 

As they prepare to get in bed, Peter throws up on Dana's feet. Dana takes it well and she even decides to stay with him. But soon there after she is hit with the food poisoning as well. 

The two then spend the rest of the evening in bed, taking care of one another and struggling to do basic things like opening the window. In the morning, the two decide to give it a go again but Dana catches Peter's dad in the shower and promptly leaves. 

Meanwhile, Amy and David babysit for a friend. David puts on an act like he doesn't like children, when he secretly loves them. He does this because he knows the only way to get Amy to do things is to convince her it was her idea. 

Amy doesn't do so well babysitting, but after David confesses to loving kids and wanting them soon, the two are able to compromise on when to start expanding their family. 

Manhattan Love Story
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Manhattan Love Story Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Dana: It's kind of awesome you're into that so much.
David: Oh yeah, are you kidding me? Have you ever smelled a baby's head, it's like fresh bread and dreams of the future.

David look into your future, it's filled with babies.