Chloe: You look green. Yeah, doesn't he look green to you?
Izzie: Green like this bike that I'm customizing.
Peter: Nobody cares about you Izzie!

One sex car coming up.


Amy: What am I looking for?
David: Did it burn you?
Amy: What if it had, you would have let me put scolding milk on my arm?
David: Better than in the baby.

Dana: It's kind of awesome you're into that so much.
David: Oh yeah, are you kidding me? Have you ever smelled a baby's head, it's like fresh bread and dreams of the future.

David look into your future, it's filled with babies.


Tucker: Fencing's the sport with swords. Like Pirates of the Caribbean.
Peter: I was a football man myself. You know, football, not your kind of football, it's the dangerous, hard kind that people enjoy watching.

Dana: I have something to ask you, but it might be a little inappropriate.
Tucker: Well, if it's a lot inappropriate, I'm in.
Dana: Two questions. Do you like dinner? And do you like party?
Tucker: Was that an invitation or an episode?

Peter: He's gay.
David: No, he's British.
Peter: I know, right? I can't tell the difference either.

It's okay, every New York girl needs a gay best friend. Apparently, my husband needed one too.


David: Did you ever think about helping me instead of busting my chops?
Chloe: I can honestly say, not for one second.

Dana: Here's the thing, if you really wanted to ask me to this dinner party you would have done so before I found out on my own.
Peter: Well, that's something I obviously hadn't thought of.

Dana: Will do, governor.
Tucker: Pardon?
Dana: I regret the last five seconds of my life so intensely.

Manhattan Love Story Quotes

You owe me a pair of shoes. And a tetanus shot.


Come on, it's not like I'm the kind of guy who makes everything a joke so if someone gets offended it's their fault.