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Ben is haunted by the nightclub attack and has a nightmare about getting trapped inside looking for TJ. 

The Stone family is grieving, Olive, in particular, as she lost her first love. 

Simon White, Ben's boss from the university, stops by to pay his condolences and check on them. 

When he slips away to use the restroom, he snoops around the house and ventures into Ben's 828 cave where he's keeping all his evidence and findings. 

We later see White leading an X'ers meeting where he reiterates the mission and encourages Jared to keep Billy from acting on impulse and doing something that could jeopardize the cause. 

Drea becomes suspicious of Jared, who rejects her theory hat the X'ers and the Believers were working together, and she talks to Michaela about it.

Mic confesses that Jared stole her case files, and the two decide to tail him. 

They follow him to the X'ers bar where they see him kissing Tamara. 

Drea goes in undercover and finds out that Jared is close to Tamara's brother, Billy, who is definitely an X'er. 

They fear that Jared may have turned to the dark side, but they can't do anything with their newfound information without proof.

Mic calls in a favor from the judge that released Zeke and then visits the bar where she confronts Tamara and tells her to convince Jared to give this up. The cops are closing in on them, she informs her, because of the recent attacks on passengers. 

Tamara doesn't seem interested in what Jared's ex has to say. 

However, Mic accomplished her goal of bugging the place. 

Later, they hear footage about Jared that proves he's one of them. They take it to Captain Bowers, who isn't pleased. 

When she says the intel is inadmissible because the person didn't know they were being recorded, Mic tells her she got a warrant from a judge. 

Bowers plays the evidence for Jared, and they both look concerned. 

Mic confides in Zeke about Jared's betrayal, and he shows her his frostbite. He tells her he's being proactive because he's working with Saanvi, who thinks she found a cure. 

But Saanvi's going through a bit of a moment of her own. Since taking the cure and eliminating the Callings, she's been having memory loss that had led to doing things like kissing her ex without remembering it. 

Alex comes to confront her about it and realizes they have a big problem. 

Meanwhile, Ben finally convinces Olive to work with him by encouraging her to follow the Calling to the Buddhist center to mourn TJ. 

The Calling is a piercing chant that doesn't go away following their ceremony. 

The father-daughter duo follows it to the basement of the center and through some very narrow vents until they hear someone calling for help. It's TJ. 

They find him in bad shape but alive under the ground. 

The next scene finds TJ recovering in a hospital with the doctor calling his survival a "miracle" adding that if they found him any later, he probably wouldn't have made it. 

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Manifest Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Michaela: Anything else?
Drea: You're not going to want to hear this, but the bartender smells good.
Michaela: I'm getting a new partner.
Drea: No, you're not. You love me.

Grace: The Callings didn't do this to TJ, Olive.
Olive: Well, it sure didn't save him either.