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The premiere of Manifest Season 2 picks up right where we left off as Jared and Zeke tussle and the gun goes off hitting... Michaela.

As she's bleeding out, she tells Zeke to make a run for it.

On her way to the hospital, she goes in and out of consciousness and her memories take her back to Flight 828.

In what seems to be a Calling, Cal tells her to "save the passengers."

She successfully makes it out of surgery and refuses to see Jared.

She immediately tells Ben about the dream she had about the flight nosediving.

The show then skips ahead 2 months with Mic almost fully recovered and about to get back to work on the force.

Ben has taken the Calling seriously and has been hunting down the remaining passengers down to see who knows what.

Amidst the "death date" chaos, Ben is also there for Grace, who is 14 weeks pregnant.

She asks Ben to keep the pregnancy between them and promises that they'll tell Danny if it turns out that the baby is his.

When Grace and Olive run into Danny later, Grace avoids sharing the "good news" which makes Olive realize that her mother doesn't know who the father is.

Saanvi is in therapy and completely unaware that her psychologist is The Major, who is sniffing out for some information about the Stone's including Cal who she believes is the "Holy Grail."

She confronts Saanvi about her feelings for Ben and while she tries to deny them, it's clear she does have a crush on him.

Since Saanvi is still holding back about what's really happening, the psychologist threatens to stop seeing her, which convinces Saanvi to reveal everything that has happened to her since returning on Flight 828.

Mic returns to work and asks the Chief to call off the manhunt for Zeke, but the lady in charge isn't having any of it.

She gets into it with Jared who cannot understand why she's been avoiding him or blaming him for what happened.

While she's at work, Mic realizes two passengers, the Vasik's, are up on the missing wall.

She informs Ben, who recalls chatting with the passengers on the flight.

He remembers that they felt guilty about leaving behind their children. When they pay the Vasik home a visit, Mama Cherise, the neighbor who watched the kids and became their mother during the 5-year disappearance admits that the Vasik's had a hard time re-adjusting.

They would "hear things" and believed the bible verses about the "second death" were religious callings to end their own life.

Mama Cherise reveals that they left behind 87 thousand and a suicide note about the Lake of Fire.

Cal locates Zeke, who is in town and not in Canada, and convinces him that he and Mic are supposed to be together because they're "running out of time."

Zeke listens and approaches Mic in the street. He tells her that his whole life he wanted to be a better person, so he's turning himself in.

Even though the gunshot was an accident, Zeke knows he has to "own up to it."

Mic touches Zeke and gets a vision of a bridge.

She drives over there with Ben and finds the Vasik's car. As they attempt to approach it, the couple warns them not to get too close.

They admit they've had visions of their car going over the railing and heard screams of their children. Their solution is to drive the car over with just the two of them to spare their children.

When Mic hears this, she realizes it's a calling and looks over the railing where she finds a car with a family screaming for help.

Officials pull the family to safety as Mic explains that the noises and visions were asking the Visik's to help and not kill themselves. The couple agrees that the headaches and confusion are gone.

Grace and Ben agree to take a DNA test to see who the father of the baby is. Grace assures him that even if the baby does belong to Danny that nothing between them will change.

Ben goes out to take the trash and notices a white van, the same white van he's been seeing at every passenger's house.

He approaches the van angrily to talk to the driver when someone throws a black bag over his head and kidnaps him.

Inside the van, he learns the truth -- Vance is still alive!

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Manifest Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

You need to be with Michaela because she doesn’t have much time. And neither do you.


The Major: You don’t have to beat yourself up about it. You and Ben have been through a traumatic journey together. You have seen Ben at his most vulnerable. That’s appealing.
Saanvi: It’s best for me not to think about him in that way, that’s impossible.