On Manifest Season 3 Episode 4, Ben and Saanvi get one step closer to the truth about Flight 828 when they meet Vance at NSA headquarters. What do they find out?

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On Manifest Season 3 Episode 4, Vance returns to the NSA and loops in Ben and Saanvi on the government's Flight 828 investigation. Mic and Zeke team up to help Pete fulfill a Calling before his time runs out.

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On Manifest Season 3 Episode 4, Ben, Saanvi, and Vance join in a venture to understand Flight 828 while Michaela and Zeke adjust to their new life together.

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Manifest Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

Mic: Are you saying that you felt what Beverly was feeling?
Zeke: I think I did.
Mic: That is next-level.

Saanvi: Wait, it vanished?
Ben: That's impossible.
Vance: As a colleague of mine told me the day you landed, I think we've taken "impossible" off the table.