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Ben has a dream about Flight 828 exploding. When he wakes up, his hand is glowing. 

He calls Saanvi for help. 

The next morning, Vance sends a car for Ben and Saanvi and brings them to NSA headquarters. 

Inside, he shows them the reconstructed Flight 828 along with the tail fin they found in Cuba. 

He explains that the government is conducting projects surrounding 828. 

Saanvi learns her oncology assistant, Troy, is still alive. 

Ben confronts the tail fin but nothing happens. He figures that the illuminated hand wants him to find something else, so he wanders off and finds a former passenger, Taylor, who died of a gunshot wound being preserved. 

Vance informs him that Taylor's latest injuries are consistent with a mid-air flight explosion. 

He also reveals that the tail fin is showing signs of corrosion consistent with several years in seawater. 

Ben realizes this proves his theory that they all died on the original flight. 

Vance offers Saanvi a job finding answers.

Jared investigates The Major's disappearance for her daughter, Sarah. When he gets too close to the truth, Vance grows concerned. 

Olive attends prom. 

Angelina connects with Pete and begs Mic and Zeke to help him follow his Calling since he's in prison and can't do it himself. 

Mic and Zeke speak to his high school coach, who informs them that Pete sold drugs to another player who overdosed and died. 

When they confront Pete about it, he reveals that he was selling the drugs on behalf of his coach, who ruined his life. 

Jace and Kory both have the same Calling. They arrive at the coach's house. Jace tries to attack him, but Kory steps in and gets shot. 

Pete finally agrees to help Mic locate his brother in hopes that he can beat the death date. 

All three are about a week away from the death date and experiencing the sensation of drowning. 

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Manifest Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

Mic: Are you saying that you felt what Beverly was feeling?
Zeke: I think I did.
Mic: That is next-level.

Saanvi: Wait, it vanished?
Ben: That's impossible.
Vance: As a colleague of mine told me the day you landed, I think we've taken "impossible" off the table.