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Mare and Colin are at the medical examiner's office getting details.

John and Bill are driving along the street, and the look on Bill's face is telling, but of what? They're looking for Kenny, wondering if he shot himself.

There was no sexual assault evidence with Erin, no trauma. The bruises all happened around the same time. One of her fingers was severed by a bullet.

Kenny is found lying in the stream where Erin was found. He's proud he killed Dylan.

While Mare and Colin are discussing that Erin wasn't killed where she was found, Mare gets a call. Kenny is in the station, and he later admits to them that he killed Dylan.

Mare has bad news. Dylan is alive.

Dylan's parents are listening to a surgeon. They removed the bullet that didn't go through any major organs.

Siobhan is looking at videos of her and Carrie and Kevin. She's doing a school project about her brother and his tics and being different.

That night, Mare cuts Drew's toenails. Nana told him that she might have to live with his mom. Mare tells him it will never happen, and Nana leaves the room.

They have a difference of opinion on how to handle the potential of it happening with Drew.

While they're arguing, Lori arrives to tell Mare what Jess told her, including that she believes the real father is Frank.

Jess said she saw Erin and Frank together. He got out with diapers, and wipes, and formula and took it into the house with her. Mare doesn't hesitate. She gets up and crosses the yard to confront Frank.

They're in the middle of a family game, but Mare pushes it.

Mare lets it all out, including the rumor that he's the father. Frank lets it out. Erin confided in Erin. He felt sorry for her and bought her a few things. It was after Kevin died. Frank is appalled that Mare would think that of him. Now he has to take a paternity test. As they're screaming, he says he's not afraid of her tests or to talk about their son.

Dylan's mother remembers how Erin loved her baby. Mare needs a DNA sample. His parents are upset at the notion of what happened. Since she's investigating a murder, she needs to do this. It could even help Dylan's case.

Colin deals with Frank. It's not pleasant, but it's better than it would be with Mare, who comes into work while that's in progress.

After the fight it the woods, Erin called Deacon Mark at the church. Colin isn't surprised that Mare knows the priest.

Mark is happy to discuss the call. Erin was very upset. Mare wonders why Erin called him. Mark sees nothing strange about it. And yes, he has been alone with her in the past. But he couldn't let that stop him from performing his duties.

Mare takes his cell phone for analysis.

Helen is shocked that Mare has a date, but she's thrilled. Helen laughs. Mare should parade him past Frank's house and maybe grab his ass.

Helen teases Mare and Richard as they stand in the doorway waiting to flee.

Siobhan's band is playing life at Haverford College radio. Becca ate a handful of edibles before they got there, and she's splayed on the couch. Siobhan is annoyed.

Becca vomits right before they go on and everyone flees.

Richard didn't get along with his parents, but Mare's dad died when she was 13. He was a detective and her best friend. Mare admits that she and Helen are not close. Richard's ex took his son away. She had every right to at the time. Luke was two.

Richard was loving women listening to him and enjoying the attention. Things are OK now. Richard thinks Mare should sit with Drew's mother and tell her that she wants to be a part of Drew's life. She won't be conceding anything.

Siobhan and the DJ get cozy. The DJ asks Siobhan on a date, and she gets turned down.

Dogs are sniffing around looking for the crime scene, and they find it.

Mare wants Colin to round up all the bullet sniffing dogs to her area. He reluctantly makes the call.

Mare's persistence pays off, and they find at least one bullet.

Dylan's dad wants him to take the paternity test.

The town is out in force for a festival. Gossip all around.

Deacon Mark was transferred between parishes. They need to find out why.

When they visit the rectory again, Mark ignores their knocks, hiding behind the curtains.

Dylan wants DJ on his lap. He wants to look at the boy in his eyes to see if it's his son.

Betty calls Mare. It's an emergency. Someone painted Betty's titties on their shed.

Mare sees what she needs to see and tells Mr. Carol that it doesn't seem to be working.

Mare visits with Carrie. Carrie doesn't care about disrupting Drew. Mare threatens Carrie, and Carrie lashes out at Mare. Kevin hated her.

Mare and Colin are talking about Deacon Mark, wondering how to attack the situation. Mare wonders how he cracked his case. He was consumed and kept doing it until he cracked it.

The video Siobhan is making seems like it will be important.

Siobhan returns the sweater to the DJ and decides to take her up on the concert.

Mare is at the tavern, and Colin is there, a little drunk. It is his 15-year reunion. Mare's trying to drink away bad thoughts. He wants a shot of Jameson. His ex was there. It hit him badly.

He's getting to that stage of his life when he looks at it and sees here's what he thought it would be and here's what it is. When his friends call for him, he decides he'd rather stay there with her.

Mare keeps buttons in her pocket. Reminders of Kevin?

Deacon Mark has Erin's bike in the back of his truck. He takes it to the bridge and tosses it into the river.

The next morning, the chief rings the bell. He wants her to get her coat on and come outside. Carrie got pulled over last night with two bags of heroin in her car. The stamp on the heroin packets was from a case they had last year. Mare is being placed on administrative leave.

That's what the buttons were in her pocket?

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Mare of Easttown Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

You lied to me the other night. Erin McMenamin? You said you never really talked to her? That was a lie.


John: Ken! Kenny! What the hell are you doin' down there?
Kenny: I got 'im. I got 'im, Johnny!
John: Got who?
Kenny: Dylan. Killed that sonofabitch.