Mare Leads an Investigation - Mare of Easttown
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Mare has arrived on the scene.

It's Kenny McMenamin's daughter.

Oh, Erin's got her panties on, so that's something.

The captain called the country supervisor and asked for another detective for the case. She's not thrilled, but he doesn't have a choice anymore.

Mare calls Lori to wake John, Kenny's cousin. She wants his cousins there when she notifies Kenny.

John has a hangover. Lori tells him plainly. Erin's dead.

Bill and John arrive and they go to Kenny's door.

Kenny's a little under the weather, too. He's very confused as to why they're at the door. he lets them in.

She's having a hard time telling him, so he looks around at everyone's faces before asking if it's Erin. He doesn't take it well, as you can imagine.

For all his posturing with Erin, he loved her.

Mare begins looking around Erin's room.

Kenny knows it's Dylan who did this. He's positive. She wonders if that's where the baby is now. Yes.

Kenny has to remember that last conversation with Erin for the rest of his life. Denying her access to his truck.

Kenny assures Mare that nobody else but Dylan had any reason to hurt her. He didn't want her to have that baby and hated her for it.

Mare's family takes Drew to see Carrie, who I think is her mom. They are all worrie about her. She's living in a sober house.

She wants full custody of Drew. She filed the paperwork the day earlier. Siobhan says Mare will fight her for custody. No shit, Carrie says.

Dylan says he didn't see Erin at the woods. He's shaking like a leaf.

Mare has a press conference. The captain suggests that they're not connecting Katie's death to Erin's but since Erin was killed a year to the day after Katie's death, it sure looks like it from their end.

Detective Colin Zabel arives to lend a hand. He has already asked for files to be pulled. Mare needs a smoke break.

Collin seems very cool, but Mare is fighting him tooth and nail.

Colin doesn't know what to make of Mare and the way she handles herself, especially since she arrests Brianna while she's waiting tables in the middle of the restaurant.

Richard wants Mare to attend a dinner commemorating his novel's anniversary, but she can't go. He saw the news about Erin. They're lucky to have her on the case.

Mare hasn't been able to get in touch with Siobhan. Mom wants Mare to eat. She moved in to help out, but Mare says that sittin' around drinking Manhattan's with Dan isn't helping. When she asks about Carrie and custody, mom claims ignorance.

Mare visits Frank, instead running into his fiance. Frank comes out and Mare talks wedding plans. Drew's blinkin' his eyes again. Frank will call in the morning to get a neurology referral.

Frank follows Mare into the yard to talk about Erin. Frank taught Erin algebra in school. He says she was quiet. He never talked to her much, but he got the feeling things weren't good at home. Erin didn't tell him that, but it was just a sense he got.

The way he said it, I got a feeling about FRANK and not Kenny.

While Mare has the bed covered in her case, Siobhan comes home. It's time to talk.

Mare visits the doctor for Drew. Her son was diagnosed with many different things, including Turettes, developmental disorders, mood disorders, autism. She was against medicating. They fought about it for a long time. She had to check out after a while because it became totally overwhelming. They're worried it was passed down to Drew.

The doctor thinks tics are normal, but for peace of mind, she'll recommend a neurologist. The doc wonders if Mare is seeing anyone, and she isn't interested.

Colin greets her first thing. She has a coffee in her hand, and he has one for her. He wants to hit reset. She doesn't know what it means. He assures her it's her case and will always be her case. He just wants to help her find out what happened to the girls, and given her relationships with everyone in town, it can't have been easy.

His analogies make her smile.

They begin interviewing all the kids learning that Brianna catfished Erin, but she's all bark and no bite.

They finally talk with her best friend, Jess. She has no answers.

Siobhan wishes she would have pressed Erin harder, and Collin assures her it's not her fault.

Collin asks Siobhan for tips on working with Mare, and she says lower your expectations.

Erin's cell phone was last functioning 13 miles from where her body was found.

When she gets home, she gets dressed up and goes out to be accosted by Tony, Brianna's father. He's worried about Mare ruining Brianna's life as if she's not doing a good job herself.

Bill and John are cleaning up. John is worried about Bill.

Mare is as Richard's function. She spits an hors'devoure into a napkin and jams it under a couch cushion.

She leaves, and Richard rushes after her. She is kind of jealous he didn't seek her out, but he had no idea she was going to show up.

Bill is sleeping on the couch when Kenny leaves the house.

Dylan is going out. His parents are worried whether he's in or out. Katie's mother stares him down when he buys cigarettes.

When he gets back in his truck, Kenny is in the back with a flask and a gun.

Mare is at the convenience store now, and Tony is right behind her. Katie's mother, Dawn, steps in for Mare, defending her.

Jess is crying. Erin told her a secret, and she made Jess promise never to tell anyone.

Mare is on her couch when a gunshot comes through the window, practically grazing her head. She just wipes away the glass. Frank got served. Carrie is filing for custody of Drew.

Jess and her mother, Trish, arrive at John and Lori's house. They need to talk. In private.

Kenny has Dylan drive into the woods. He tells Dylan to get out and walk. He's go the gun trained on Dylan, and when Dylan begins to run, Kenny shoots him in the back.


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Mare of Easttown Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Colin: Are you friends with these people?
Mare: Yeah.
Colin: Should we maybe do this outside, away from the staff and guests watching?
Mare: She beat the shit out of Erin in a forest full of kids. Let 'em watch.

Hey, are we carpoolin'? I'm happy to drive myself, I'm just. You gotta give me the address.