Meeting of the Minds - Mare of Easttown
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Mare stays in bed while everyone leaves. She's got nowhere to go.

She's given up the vape for actual cigarettes now. She and Lori are in the park. She has to see a grief specialist as a part of her suspension.

When Colin gets into the office, he's surprised. Colin will run point going forward with a dude named Hauser running point. It's official. They have no idea who the baby daddy is.

Dylan is annoyed. Why the hell are they treating DJ like that when he ain't even theirs.

Katie's mom, Dawn, is raising Katie's granddaughter. She gets a call for five thousand dollars ransom. What is wrong with people?

Mare tells her family what's happened, admitting to trying to set up Carrie. Siobhan says she broke up with Becca. The family is clear.

Mare begins counseling.

Colin confronts Deacon Mark about his sexually inappropriate relationship that led to his transfer. Mark's not allowed to talk about it and doesn't want to.

Richard thinks that maybe he just wasn't meant to be a writer and that he's really not that good. At least he had his one shot. Some people never get it.

Richard wonders if anyone ever does anything for her or if she does everything for everyone else, carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders.

Saturday is his birthday, and he wants to take her out.

Dawn and Beth talk about Mare. Dawn feels like she might have played a part in all of that, but Beth feels otherwise. Freddie walks out, surprising Dawn. Freddie overdoesed on Friday, revived by cops with narcan.

Freddie's situation is ruining Beth's marriage, but if Freddie is there with her, she knows he's not out there.

Carrie shows Drew her new apartment, an efficiency, bare bones. It's in a terrible part of the neighborhood with alarms blaring outside.

Mare is still working the case. She's watching Erin's video journals. She remembers Kevin and Carrie terrorizing her, stealing her money and screaming, calling her names.

Carrie is at the door. She's crying. Drew missed his turtle. Carrie pleads with Mare to stop.

DJ is screaming crying. Dylan gets out of bed with a pillow when his mom won't come when called. Dylan puts the pillow in the crib and picks up Dylan, rocking him. His mom sees him through the window.

A girl is riding in a truck with an unknown driver. She's babbling about all kinds of things. It's a dark van. he pulls into a shit part of town and park, and she takes a mint and bares her chest. She taunts him, and he lunges are her, strangling her.

Mare is watching the news about another missing girl. Missy Sager was the name of the girl. Helen thinks it's a serial killer. It IS the third girl. Just sayin'.

Colin is having dinner with his mother. She's talking about all the missing girls. Colin stands up for Mare. He doesn't think people understand how hard of a case that was. Mom says they're lucky they have Colin.

Mare knocks. He's thrilled.

Missy was an aspiring athlete hit by a car who got hooked on Oxy. Colin thinks their lifestyles are too different for any of them to be connected. While there was no evidence for Erin with prostitution, but she needed money for the surgery.

Colin asks the real reason Mare is on leave, but with his mother watching, she says they'll talk about it some other time.

Erin chose Dylan as the baby's father because she liked his parents, according to Jess. Erin was an escort named Jasmine. Jess helped her create the account. She took the photos used on the account, too. Erin was only going to do it for a little while until she got the money for the surgery.

Jess says that she never went through with it. She's sure.

Mare goes back to ask another question. Where did Erin keep her journals?

Colin asks Mare on a date, which he is only askin' if the answer's yes. She doesn't answer.

Deacon Mark is doing laundry when Danny knocks. A reporter from the Tribune just called. He asked about the transfer. The reporter is going to write an article, and the parishoners are going to find out. Dan doesn't believe Mark, but he lets it go nonetheless.

Siobhan and the DJ discuss her documentary, saying their family didn't get through it. They fell apart.

Helen has her ice cream hidden in a bag of mixed vegetables. The door rings. It's Becca looking for Siobhan. She wants to come in for a sec. Helen lets her wait for Siobhan in the basement.

Siobhan and the DJ are kissing when Becca screams, and when she's running out of the house, she knocks down Helen, who has to be taken in the ambulance because she's disoriented.

Dawn gets another call. This time, they say that Katie's daughter's middle name is Grace and it's tattooed on her ankle. She believes him now. She'll have money tomorrow.

Mare goes to retrieve Erin's journals.

There are a few papers and a card, but she doesn't see journals. There is also a heart with a date on it. 5-29-17.

Dawn is closing the store, deciding whether or not to take the money for Katie.

John and Lori are watching the news when Ryan walks into the room. People are getting fearful.

Mare checks on Helen and teases her that she doesn't know who she's going on a date with on Saturday night.

Dawn gets Beth to watch her granddaughter. She lies, saying that she's working a shift, but she gets in the call and follows directions to an out-of-the way location.

A man comes up behind Dawn and steals her bad. It was Freddie. She had the cash bag filled with coupons.

Mare tries to imagine what the date on the heart means.

Dawn gets home, battered and bruised. She laughs it off as having fallen outside of the store. Dawn blames the radiation. She feels dizzy all the time.

A big guy is dragging a girl into Bennie's Tavern. it's Missy, maybe. Katie really is alive. She's been kept there.

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Mare of Easttown Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Carrie: I know it was you -- the drugs.
Mare: I don't know what you're talking about.
Carrie: You know, I'm trying really hard to get my life together. So stop, just stop.

Mare: You like bein' a teacher?
Richard: Well, I've grown to. Um, I always used to look at teaching as the thing that you did if you couldn't do the thing you wanted to, so it's kind of a nice reminder that my life is steadily declining.
Mare: Ha. Lucky me. Catch ya on the downslide, huh?