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  • Bennett tells his friends that he's getting married at first sight and they're both skeptical but hoping for the best for him. 
  • Amelia's friends are super excited for her but wonder if the judges could ever find a person who suits their friend. 
  • Karen tells her family that she's getting married in two weeks, and her mother is not happy about it.
  • Miles tells his grandparents. 
  • Oliva's mother is not thrilled that she's marrying a stranger, and it has her concerned because they don't know who this person will be. 
  • Zack's father is the most resistant to this process and hoped to convice Zack not to do it. 
  • Amani's ex was married. She hopes her friends can let her know if she'll find him attractive. 
  • Woody's friends don't think he's remotely ready to get married at all.
  • Woody and Miles know each other. 
  • Henry's friends are super supportive. He lacks confidence and had a heart surgery. 
  • Christina gets support from her mom.
  • Everyone goes to choose their garments for the big day. 
  • The men meet the other men and women meet the other women. 
  • Miles and Bennett are fast friends and Woody and Brett are getting on everyone's nerves.
  • At the bachelor party everyone has a good time, but Brett gets drunk and hits on Henry's friends and other people. 
  • Brett dips out of his bachelor party. 
  • Christina freaks out at the bachelorette party and isn't used to being around a bunch of other women or strippers. 
  • Karen got a text with wo she was marrying and looked him up. He's not her type. 
Married at First Sight
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