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  • Karen and Amani are both still uncertain about going through with their weddings and super nervous. 
  • Karen and Miles get married. Karen starts crying at the ceremony as if she's unhappy. 
  • They make it through together. She tells him about the incident before getting married, and he's jealous that she has an advantage on him. Karen feels awkward and needs to loosen up. 
  • Olivia sends Brett a gift of a star that she named in their honor and Brett loves it. 
  • Brett thinks if Olivia can't handle sarcasm and ribbing, she won't fit in well with his family. 
  • Brett and Olivia get married. Olivia does most of the talking.
  • Woody and Amani are preparing to get married. Woody gets emotional when all of his female relatives are supporting him and he thinks about his father not being around. 
  • Woody and Amani hit it off nicely and get along. 
  • Olivia and Brett have fun at their reception and Brett's family has fun things to say about him. Brett doesn't talk that much. 
  • Bennett and Amelia prepare to get married. 
  • Bennett sends Amelia a pebble he picked out. 
  • Bennett's mother gives him a pep talk. 
  • Amelia's bridesmaids ride a unicyle down the aisle. 
  • When amelia and Bennett see each other, they realize they know each other, and it doesn't seem pleasant. 
Married at First Sight
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Married at First Sight Season 11 Episode 2 Quotes

I hope she has a good sense of humor because we all ridicule and tease each other relentlessly. We're all pretty sarcastic. She's definitely going to need to be into that or be able to tune that out because I'm not going to stop.


I married a stranger, and uh, she's awesome!