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  • Amani and Woody stop by Miles and Karen's room to meet each other on their honeymoon.
  • Miles sits down with Karen's family to have a talk about her and himself and their relationship. 
  • Karen's mother really likes Miles. 
  • Karen has a sit down with her new in-laws. They ask her about submitting to her husband. 
  • Amelia's family really loves Bennett. 
  • They want to know how Bennett feels about moving if Amelia places a residency outside of New Orleans. 
  • Amelia talks to Bennett's family about having children and they tell her that he thinks its unethical to have bological kids.
  • Woody shares that he and his ex both cheated on each other. 
  • Amani finds out that he has a temper .
  • Christina finds out that Henry hasn't been out of the country. She loves his familly even if she hasn't been warming up to him.  
  • Christina's mother tells Henry that she likes and needs communication. 
  • The couples are going to Mexico and they all meet up with one another to head out to their honeymoon.
  • Woody is continuing to impress Amani and she teases that they make have sex soon. 
  • Christina is happy to show Henry around Mexico and expose him to culture but he's not giving her much feedback.
Married at First Sight
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