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Annie and Jake try to wrangle their friends into helping them unpack all of his things in her apartment. After they not so politely refuse, Annie begins to realize that Jake has a lot of stuff, and he has a lot of plans for moving things around.

At lunch with her fathers, Annie expresses her fears about Jake moving in. She thinks there is something wrong with her. They tell her it's just an adjustment period. She doesn't want to hurt his feelings. 

Annie comes home to find her apartment a mess. She goes into the bathroom to get herself together and accidently knocks over a vase. She starts rambling out of nervousness when Jake comes in to help her. Annie goes outside and hides in her car for alone time. 

Jake confides in Gil about how he needs to step it up with Annie now that they're engaged. Following Gil's terrible advice, Jake plans a romantic evening for the two of them which includes some awkward face to face, open-eyed cuddling. Annie can't handle it and makes an escape. 

Annie gets out of control with her personal space and decides to make that place her car equipped with furnishings. Her dads are concerned. Jake tells Gil his advice sucked, and that he should just ask Annie straight out what's wrong. Gil thinks that's a stupid idea. 

Dennah, Gil, and Kay, and Annie's dads think she's being ridiculous and needs to talk to Jake. Unfortunately, after she gets out of her car, an officer sees she was drinking. He forces her to take a DUI test, when Jake comes and hears Annie confess that she's hiding from him. Annie tells him she's scared of this next step in their lives. They make up and Annie is not arrested.

Elsewhere in the episode, Denneh is worried about her appearance and goes to different people for advice. Unfortunately she ends up getting some bad Botox. Gil is on a mission to do everything his ex-wife wouldn't let him do, which includes spending more than 24 hours at a buffet. Finally, Kay has been marathoning a dating app. 

Marry Me
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Marry Me Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Annie: I don't want him to think I'm a crazy person.
Kevin: Oh sweetie, you passed that exit miles ago.

It's a dating app for lesbians, like Grinder is for gay men, or Tinder is for straight men and whores.