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Realizing that they don't have many options, Medusa suggests that they evacuate Attilan for the people's protection. Medusa teleport with Lockjaw to Louise to ask for her help. Louise wants to go to the moon first before doing so.

Gorgon is lashing out as he has just been resurrected. Declan tries to get protection and offers Gorgon help. But Gorgon is too unstable and throws him into a chamber. He gets taken down by an unnamed Inhuman.

Triton and Black Bolt are escorting Maximus through the castle to get to the panel. A couple of guards show up as Triton takes them on. Gorgon gets taken to the same cell as Karnak who is stunned to see his cousin like this.

Black Bolt tries to find the panel as Maximus mocks him about the whole situation. The tome is starting to get weak in its structure as the force field around Attilan is losing its power.

Karnak tries to get through to Gorgon who begins throwing his cousin around. Crystal gets to the teleporting wall and asks it to help them get a lot of people off Attilan. Black Bolt fights his way through a bunch of guards.

Maximus gets another vision through Bonaja where he sees Maximus as the king and Black Bolt gone. He goes to disable the fail-safe and informs his people that his family is still betraying Attilan.

Medusa and Louise are trying to get help from Louise's help and he doesn't believe her at first. She asks Crystal to send down Lockjaw to show him proof and he agrees to help them.

Louise promises to protect the Terrigen crystals even though she can't go to the moon. Auran takes Medusa to Maximus as the former Queen wants to talk with him.

Medusa tries to get through to Maximus in not destroying their home. He asks her how she feels to be in his position now where she is dismissed. Time is starting to run out as the barrier is losing its power.

Maximus allows her and the others to escape to Earth as she is willing to give him a Terrigen crystal if he shuts down the destruction. He refuses as Medusa shatters the crystal and Maximus orders Auran to kill her.

But Auran refuses as she made a promise to Medusa and lets her go. Medusa joins Black Bolt and the others as they are ready to evacuate Attilan. They go to tell the people of Attilan that they have to get off the moon.

Auran tries to get Maximus to his senses but he refuses. Crystal takes the people to the wall and takes them to Earth. The family then gets together to leave too, but Black Bolt wants to stay and stop Maximus first.

Black Bolt goes to confront his brother in an effort to stop his plan. Maximus explains how he betrayed his brother when they were young and tells his brother to kill him. Black Bolt almost uses his voice on Maximus but instead knocks him out and takes Maximus to the bunker.

Black Bolt locks Maximus in the bunker and goes outside to use his voice to trap him in there. He runs to the wall and escapes Attilan. Back at his former throne, the Inhuman symbols begin to glow blue.

On Earth, the Royal Family are ready to address their people as they have a new home now: Earth.

Marvel's Inhumans
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