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The Royal Family members are running through the woods being chased by Auran's army. They run into Declan and confront why he is working with Maximus. Declan explains why Maximus is helping him.

The next morning they spend burying Gorgon's dead body. Out of anger, Karnak goes to snap Auran's neck while knowing that she will survive. 

Back on Attilan, Maximus gets confronted by Crystal and Karnak. Crystal proposes that they settle this the royal way which Maximus agrees to.

Black Bolt and Medusa argue how they should deal with Maximus. Medusa tries to get her husband to understand that murdering his own brother will make things worse.

They teleport to the ocean where Lockjaw manages to find Triton who is actually alive. He explains that he and Black Bolt had a plan this whole time in case Triton got injured.

They teleport to the royal bunker at Attilan which Black Bolt had kept to himself. Medusa and Black Bolt go to the side to discuss the king's choice to keep things from them.

Afterwards, they proceed to prepare themselves to face Maximus. Elsewhere, Auran wakes up with Maximus waiting by her side.

Auran realizes that Maximus' main reason behind this revolt was to become Inhuman himself. She confesses that this wasn't the reason why she agreed to help.

Declan explains to Karnak how Maximus is planning to succeed in getting Inhuman powers. He asks if he will be kept safe, but Karnak doesn't think any of them are safe.

Maximus is holding a speech to his people back at the castle before the big event begins. They wait outside for Black Bolt and the others as they teleport with Lockjaw.

Medusa explains that they are willing to allow Maximus to go through with Terrigenesis plan. But only if they get the throne back to which Maximus accepts.

They hand Declan over to Maximus who reveals that he has no plan on giving them the thrones back. Black Bolt warns his brother that the next time they meet, he will kill him.

Declan shows Maximus how he will be able to get his powers while Maximus asks how he can choose his powers. The doctor warns him that it is a dangerous thought as he doesn't know what traditional Terrigenesis is like.

Auran arrives to tell Maximus that there are some problems going on, thinking it might be the Royal Family. At the bunker, Medusa and Black Bolt have another heart-to-heart. 

A flashback reveals again how they first met as teenagers. She explains that it's not too late to get the situation so deadly.

Karnak has an idea to resurrect Gorgon through Declan's technology, a part that Maximus is not aware of. Medusa says that a second Terrigenesis is forbidden, but Karnak insists they try.

Karnak and Crystal go to the power grid while taking out Auran's men. She aims a gun at him, but Karnak tries to explain that he wants to help Auran.

He knows that she regrets choosing to help Maximus. Auran asks how to help and Karnak says he needs a bit of her DNA.

Medusa goes to comfort Crystal who feels awful about leaving Dave behind. Crystal admits that she feels alone on Attilan and wants to live on Earth where she can live a more normal life.

Auran is going through with helping Karnak but warns him that she believes her powers are getting weaker. But Karnak admits that he knows what she feels as they go through with the plan.

They put Gorgon through his second Terrigenesis but it doesn't seem to work. Karnak and Auran hear soldiers approaching and they escape.

Maximus takes Declan to the Terrigenesis chamber to proceed with the transformation. He gets emotional though when he admits that the dream was to have the whole family there.

Declan comforts Maximus before spotting Gorgon's body in the chamber. The room begins to shake as something is shaking all of Attilan.

Triton goes to take out the Royal Guards before confronting Maximus. The two fight it out before Maximus is left alone with Black Bolt showing up.

He begins to attack his brother before Maximus warns him that Attilan will die with him if Black Bolt kills him. Declan is trying to get the power back while a grunting Gorgon emerges behind him.

Marvel's Inhumans
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Marvel's Inhumans Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Alone at last. Brother against brother. It's not like you hide in the dark. But I guess times changed and us along with it. [laughs] There's something that you might want to hear! Once I realized that you were likely to attack, I enacted a fail-safe, if I die...all of Attilan dies with me! I enacted a measure that will destroy our protective dome. After that happens, it will only be a few seconds until our world is turned into space debris. And since I'm the only one who knows how to keep this from happening, it might be wise to keep me alive...or not. It’s your choice.


Maximus: This isn't how I imagined it.
Declan: Sorry?
Maximus: Before, when we went through it the first time, my family was here. My mother, my father, my...brother.
We were surrounded by people who loved us. That feels like a very, very long time ago. I wanted this to be a victory.
Declan: It is. It is, that you said, the first of a new generation.