Family Reunions - Marvel's Runaways
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An earthquake shakes up the underground mansion. Molly uses her ability to keep a pillar from crushing Gert.

Karolina and Jonah meet high on the hills above Los Angeles. Jonah teaches Karolina how to turn her glowing ability on and off without the bracelet.

Nico wants to steal her mother's wand so that they'll get power for the mansion.

The group demands to know Alex's job; he reveals that he's working with Darius. Alex leaves after getting frustrated by the group.

The parents are nowhere near to finding the location of the kids. Janet delivers the box plans to Jonah. He shows her Victor in the stasis pod as proof that her husband is still alive.

Nico, Karolina, and Molly break into Nico's home; Karolina uses her powers to disrupt the digital security. Robert is home as they search for the wand.

Catherine and Geoffrey come up with a new plan to find their kids: they'll cancel the APB on Destiny's murder to clear the kids.

Chase discovers a Rolls Royce in the garage of the mansion; he's ecstatic for the discovery, but Gert is mad that he hasn't gotten the power up. The two talk about the kiss they had at the dance. Chase and Gert agree to explore their relationship.

Gert is worried about being off her meds. She and Chase kiss.

Robert tries to convince Nico to come home, but she declines. Karola, Nico, and Molly fight Tina for possession of the wand. Tina knocks Molly into the pool and freezes her underneath it.

Tina unfreezes the pool and gives Nico an ultimatum: stay and work out their family relationship or take the staff and leave forever to face next as enemies. Nico takes the staff and leaves. Robert is upset with Tina for the ultimatum.

Nico blames Karolina for withholding her powers during the fight.

Geoffrey gives Janet a book about Jonah's past. She'll need help to decipher the runes.

Chase tampers with the circuit breaker and causes a blackout on the L.A. hills.

Darius gives Alex money for his work. Livvie touches up Alex's hair and reveals that she knows the truth. They kiss.

Gert sends technicians away with the help of Old Lace scaring them. Chase steals some equipment to return power back to the mansion.

Nico makes amends with Karolina. They decide to share a room together.

Molly pushes Gert away after the ordeal with Tina. She sneaks out of the mansion.

Janet searches through Jonah's book for a lead.

Catherine wants to frame someone for the murder of Destiny so that the kids will be cleared. She wants to choose one of the parents.

Livvie gives Alex braids as a disguise; he wants to see her again.

Darius calls Geoffrey to offer him a deal about finding Alex.

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