Stein Family Reunion - Marvel's Runaways
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A flashback shows Susan being exiled from the church after trying to protect Leslie from Jonah and David's plot. A flashback also shows Leslie holding a glowing baby Karolina.

The Runaways worry that Chase will tell the parents about the hostel. Vaughn tells Karolina about Leslie being sent to the crater. Karolina wants to save her.

The PRIDE parents test their new weapons out on Megan and Mary, two employees from the PRIDE charity. The test is a success. They wipe out their memories and try again.

Janet is so happy to have Chase home; he's adjusting back to his old life.

Victor's skin is deteriorating in the same fashion as when Jonah's body aged.

Leslie and Frank argue about the future of Gibborim. Leslie is unsure if Frank is the father of her baby; she's going to have a paternity test.

Tamar drops off the gun to Alex; he wants to clear Darius' name. Tamar decrees that Alex will never get back together with Livvie.

Nico uses her natural witch abilities to draw the Staff of One back from its hiding place.

Someone is watching the Runaways from behind the wall in the hostel.

Vaughn has a little crush on Karolina. He gives her, Molly, and Nico new clothing and tips for how to sneak into the crater.

Chase gets an internship at PRIDE. He overhears Megan and Molly complaining about not remembering the night before.

Stacey is feeling more confident; she wants to do more truth serum tests on Chase.

The paternity test proved inconclusive.

Karolina sees her father and convinces him to let her see her mother. Frank locks her in a wood cabin; he saw through her lies.

Susan frees Karolina from captivity. She brings her back to her mother.

Gert's telepathic connection with Old Lace gets stronger; she connects when Old Lace is fed at her parents' lab. Gert wants to save Old Lace.

Frank and the security guards catch Karolina, Leslie, and Susan at the gate. Karolina uses her glowing powers to quell the conflict at the crater. They bow to her as loyal followers.

Susan stays behind at the crater to clean up Frank's mess. Karolina and Leslie escape with the others. Susan gets Frank apprehended by security for trying to overthrow the Deans.

Leslie is brought to the hostel.

Karolina and Nico make amends after the whole ordeal.

The PRIDE parents offer Chase a seat at the table to get a piece of the power. Chase accepts.

One of the Gibborim members paints a street art mural of Karolina on the side of a building.

Xavin reaches out to Karolina. She says that she's her "betrothed" and that she's her destiny.

Marvel's Runaways
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Marvel's Runaways Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

Nico: I was actually scared of that Staff.
Karolina: Maybe your darkness is you. Your power. Like, how my light is for me.

Victor: It’s your future.
[The wall opens to reveal Command Central]
Victor: Everything we’ve built is for the next generation. For you.
Janet: It’s your birthright.
Chase: I told you, I don’t want anything to do with PRIDE.
Catherine: It’s true, we have done many things that we’re not proud of.
Robert: Under duress from Jonah.
Tina: And nothing we say or do will bring those kids back.
Stacey: We’ve all done a lot wrong, but we did one thing right: you kids.
Dale: Well, and a genetically engineered dieinonychus, just to say it.
Catherine: You can use PRIDE’s resources to make up for what we have done.
Geoffrey: Think of it. With all this money, tech, power, you could change the world.
Chase: And I’m supposed to believe that, what, you’re all just gonna walk away from this?