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Xavin shows Karolina telepathically the story of how she landed on Earth. Karolina is hesitant about what Xavin just told her. Xavin proposes to her, but Nico walks in confused.

The parents want Chase to help bring the Runaways home. Chase is unsure if they'll listen to him. The parents will declare war on the kids if they turn him down.

Chase calls the Runaways to warn them about the parents' weapons. They agree to meet with Chase to talk things out.

Victor is experiencing memory issues; he notices that the specs on his weapons were increased to be even more dangerous. The weapons were already created, so there's no going back to stop it.

Leslie warns Karolina that the Church of Gibborim will seek her out since she showed her powers in public

Xavin wants to go with the Runaways to meet with Chase. Karolina declines; she wants Xavin to stay behind to protect Leslie.

The Runaways reject Chase's warning of the parents. They don't want to take over PRIDE.

The parents send drones to subdue the kids. The drones have defenses against Nico's staff, Karolina's glow abilities, and Alex's glove. A drone runs out of darts when it has Karolina and Nico cornered.

Nico tells Karolina that she loves her.

Molly throws a scooter to take down two of the drones. Gert bumps into Earl, the guy from the wizard event. Molly drags Gert away when the cars arrive.

Alex steals a car to drive away from a pursuing drone. Catherine and Geoffrey focus their efforts on chasing down Alex.

Leslie gives Xavin a lesson on human attraction. Xavin reveals that Jonah is the father of Leslie's new baby. She also reveals that Jonah is still alive, as well as his family members from the ship. The alien family took on new hosts.

Victor and Tina corner Karolina in a factory downtown.

Chase designs his "Leapfrog" machine on his tablet. Chase informs his mother about Victor's illness and his skin condition. They think Victor is being transformed into an alien due to Jonah's DNA supplements in the stasis pod.

Victor traps Karolina in his barrier, but Xavin breaks the barrier. It's revealed that Jonah has taken over Victor's body. He knocks out Karolina.

Stacey is possessed by one of the aliens.

Molly sneaks by Dale. Stacey successfully subdues Gert and gets her back.

Alex avoids his parents' capture. He aims his gun at them overhead.

Nico fights Tina and Robert at the PRIDE headquarters. The parents use subsonic technology to alter her speech patterns, so they can only fight hand-to-hand.

Nico is knocked out, but the power from the Staff of One triggers her inner ability. She sends her parents flying, and all the glass breaking. Robert is left wounded and bleeding after the attack.

Alex calls the police and gets his parents apprehended.

Jonah/Victor use their powers against Chase and Janet.

Gert and Old Lace are kept trapped in the back of a car. Dale is taking them on the run to get away from Stacey since he's scared of her new behavior.

Jonah, alien Stacey, and alien Tina believe the remaining Gibborim is hiding out in one of the Runaways. They have Karolina, Janet, and Chase stuck in stasis pods. They will sacrifice one to take their lifeforce.

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