Deanoru - Marvel's Runaways Season 3 Episode 1
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Chase wakes up in the hostel. He finds Alex and the other Runaways badly wounded and near death.

Gert is being put into the sacrificial pod by PRIDE. Chase tries to stop them with his fistigons and they shoot back at him.

Chase blasts the chandelier and crushes his parents. He saves Gert.

The image dissolves into Janet receiving a copy of her cover story on Forbes magazine.

The image dissolves again into Karolina and Nico's wedding.

They were all just the dreams of Chase, Janet, and Karolina while they are in stasis pods.

Nico walks through a field of dark flowers looking for Karolina. She finds AWOL instead.

He tells her that she saved him and dissolves into a flock of birds and forms into Morgan le Fay. She tells her Karolina is alive.

Nico wakes up. 

Xavin cannot sense Karolina. Nico tells them that she is alive.

The Runaways that are left watch a PRIDE news conference on TV. They say there was a gas leak and their HQ was destroyed, with Robert badly hurt.

Xavin tells them that when the ship blew up, Jonah's family took new bodies -- the daughter as Tina and the mother as Stacey. The brother's host is unknown.

Dale is holding Gert and Old Lace hostage in a cabin.

Xavin says that strong emotions can cause a host to resurface. Xavin. Nico, Alex, and Molly agree that if need be, they will kill their parents.

Geoffery and Catherine meet with their lawyer. 

Janet, in her dream, realizes she's in the algorithm.

She's finds a holographic door and she starts to hear Chase's dream. She breaks through and Chase sees her before she is dropped back into her dream.

Xavin and Molly search the Yorkes' home but come up empty. 

Jonah's wife enters Karolina's dream. She tells her that she is in the algorithm after Karolina says that Jonah is her father.

Nico and Alex go to the Stein's home. Alex sees the bodies in the stasis pods with the X-Ray Specs. They decide to regroup to prepare to go up against the aliens.

All of the guests in Karolina's dream disappear because of Jonah's wife.

Dale releases Gert and Old Lace. He teaches Gert how to control Old Lace. 

Geoffery is released on bond, but Catherine confesses to the murder of Darius.

Alex hacks into PRIDE's servers to figure out how to save the trapped Runaways. He happens upon the security footage of Nico destroying PRIDE HQ with her staff.

Gert calls Jonah's wife. She has been taken over by Jonah's son.

Nico wonders if she is the fourth alien. 

Nico and Alex break into the Stein's home after Jonah and his family leave.

Alex inserts himself into Janet's dream. She tells him that there is a code that will open the door to free them from the pods.

Jonah and his family meet up with Gert. They figure out she is not their son -- Vigorous -- but Xavin disguised as Gert. 

Xavin runs away and Jonah and his daughter chase after her.

Molly confronts Jonah's wife and gets Stacey to resurface. Stacey runs away.

Jonah and his daughter come back to the house and Alex and Nico hide.

Leslie goes to the hospital. The nurse takes an ultrasound and sees the baby glow.

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Marvel's Runaways Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

Nico: What is my mom doing?
Molly: Channeling 2012 Miley Cyrus?

Karolina: No. No, Nico please don't go.
Nico: Hey, listen.
Karolina: Please don't go.
Nico: I'll come back for you, okay?
Karolina: Alright. I-I lamp you!