Reunited Runaways - Marvel's Runaways Season 3 Episode 3
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Two years ago, at Amy's funeral, Catherine believes Jonah killed Amy. She comforts Alex.

In the present, Catherine is in prison. Geoffery visits her and she tells him to find Alex and convince him to see her.

Nico believes she's the fourth alien. Chase suggests using the X-Ray Specs to figure out if she truly is the alien.

Chase cannot find the goggles in Alex's bag. They all start accusing one another and Gert suggests they get some sleep.

Jonah sacrifices a delivery guy to feed his life source.

Nico appears back in the field of flowers and Morgan is there. Morgan offers to be her mentor and teach her how to master the staff.

Nico returns to her body and burns the staff.

Leslie meets up with her mother, Susan. She tells her that her child is Jonah's and that they need to hide. Susan gives her one of her father's journals.

Jonah's wife returns to the Stein house. She tells her family that she's already activated the beacon, so they have little time left to finish construction of the rendezvous platform.

Leslie returns to the hostel. She found the X-Ray Specs at the entrance, but they are broken. 

Alex tells them they have the schematics for the inhibitor tech and once they get whatever it is they're made of, they can see which one of them gets sick and then they'll find the son.

They decide to head to the Minoru house to find what they need, with Leslie staying back.

Geoffery asks Tamar for Alex's number. He calls him off of her phone and tells him about Catherine. He gives him a message from his mother -- 15373251.

Chase installs a camera to spy on Leslie while they're gone. Gert catches him.

Alex tells Chase that he's going to see his mom.

At the Minoru house, they find what the inhibitors are made of.

Nico finds a picture of her mom with Morgan.

Her dad, in recovery, approaches her and Nico asks him about Morgan. He tells her that she trained with her mom. She tells him she burned the staff.

Robert disappears in a cloud of smoke and transforms into a bird. The bird appears outside of Robert's hospital room where a team of nurses help him as he struggles in his bed.

Alex visits Catherine. The numbers from her message were Alex's IP address he used to route all his hacking. 

She tells him that he's turning into her, and she doesn't want that to happen. 

Jonah's daughter tests the rendezvous platform, but it is not ready.

Catherine is killed in prison, ordered by Tamar.

The Runaways, minus Alex, take the test in a crowded park so no one is promoted to kill whoever the alien is.

Geoffery calls Alex and tells him Catherine is dead.

None of them in the park are the aliens. Xavin apologizes to Nico. 

Leslie and Alex are gone when they get back to the hostel.

They look back at Chase's cameras and see that Alex is the alien. He told Leslie that Jonah found them and they had to leave.

Jonah's son, in Alex's body, calls Jonah.

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Marvel's Runaways Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Jonah: Oh, I know about your plan. Good thing too because I had our daughter building the platform while you were gone. Thanks for sharing your intentions by the way.
Jonah's Wife: Yes, I can see how including you greatly increased our chances of success. That's called sarcasm.
Jonah's Daughter: I really like it. It's so mean.

Catherine: You think you got justice?
Alex: Well you're sitting in front of me in a orange jumpsuit instead of a red robe, so yeah. I'd say justice was served.