Saving Them - Marvel's Runaways Season 3 Episode 2
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Chase realizes that his dream isn't real. He sees his mom in her algorithm. Both of their dreams are glitching.

They realize they can control their dreams. Chase makes Gert go away and Janet makes Victor go away.

While Nico and Alex hide and watch on, Jonah's daughter tells him that they know Karolina is his daughter and that his wife is already working on an extraction plan.

Jonah's daughter has been working on a rendezvous platform that require four Gibborims to power it. Jonah contemplated leaving his wife and taking Karolina instead.

In return for her loyalty to Jonah, his daughter wants her brother to be stripped of his powers and to take over when Jonah steps down.

Stacey finds Gert and Dale. She tells them about the alien that took over her body and their plans to leave and kill everyone that knows they were there. 

Stacey loses control and Jonah's wife takes over. She attacks Gert and Dale.

Gert controls Old Lace and knocks Jonah's wife unconscious. Gert, with Old Lace, leaves.

Jonah takes the Abstract before Alex can read the code from it to open the door to save Chase, Karolina, and Janet.

Alex tries to enter Janet's dream but can't.

Alex and Nico find the Abstract.

Molly and Xavin break into the Stein's home, but hide in a car when Jonah's daughter gets close.

Jonah's daughter leaves in the car with the two of them in the back.

They arrive at Wizard and Molly and Xavin steal the car to go back to the Stein's. Gert texts Molly and she tells her to meet them at the Stein's.

Jonah enters Karolina's dream and tells her he wants her to come home with him. 

Nico and Alex hide before Jonah can walk in on them, but she leaves her staff. Jonah grabs it and walks away.

Janet inserts herself into Chase's dream. They find Karolina and she enters into his dream. 

Chase finds the door, but Alex hasn't opened it yet.

Jonah starts suffocating Chase's body in order to draw Nico out. Karolina uses her light to turn up the oxygen in his tube.

Nico and Jonah struggle over the staff. Jonah breaks it. They fight while Alex unlocks the door.

Molly, Xavin, Gert, and Old Lace show up. Molly knocks Jonah down and they trap him.

Janet sacrifices herself to save Chase and Karolina. She has to keep the door open while they escape.

The Runaways go back to the hostel.

Xavin expresses her concerns over Nico being the fourth alien. Nico agrees.

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