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Masters and Johnson finally get their big shot at some major public relations in Masters of Sex Season 2 Episode 11. Shep sets them up with an interview/documentary through PBS. While Virginia is easygoing with the cameras, Bill finds himself awkward and uncomfortable. This moment leads to a breakthrough between them later.

Libby is supposed to give an on camera interview, but is promptly ignored by Bill all day per usual. She decides to go downstairs and help out at CORE. Martin Luther King Jr. had just been arrested the night before. Libby ends up spending more time with Robert, stands up for him to a cop, makes a huge confession, and then they have sex.

Virginia is worried about letting her children travel to Europe with her ex and his new wife for six weeks. She consults a lawyer in the office building who thinks she should give in. She realizes her kids are in good hands with Audrey, the new wife.

Lester is angry that he's not being taken seriously in the study. His work is being pushed aside. He is one of the few people who is honest with Bill.

At the hotel, Bill's impotence returns. Virginia wonders if it has something to do with an emotional trigger and the way he was so pumped up after his fight with his brother. They still haven't reconciled and he plans to write a letter.

Flo wants Austin to role play "Gone With The Wind" and is surprised he isn't better at knowing what fantasies certain women have.

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Masters of Sex Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

For a guy who dips his wick as much as you, you don't really get women at all.


Don't get your knickers in a knot. They're way more interested in nookie than in a bookie.